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Review of: Sea Pak Coconut Cod

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Sea Pak


Put the lime (or lemon) in the coconut....

Sea Pak is probably better known for its coconut shrimp than the same flavored cod fish. I'm sure that most people will agree that coconut flakes are pretty tasty and give foods such as shrimp - or chocolate - a nice little extra zing. I don't think I've ever heard it used on fish though - in restaurants or available frozen.

In fact, I am not sure how long this product has been around. It must have been successful in their test markets for it to be available in the grocery stores. When I first came across it in the freezer isle, I had to do a double take. At first, it seemed unappealing, but I thought why not, just give it a try.

And so I did.

Nutritional information


A few words on nutritional content

Overall, this doesn't appear to be that unhealthy. A serving is two (small) pieces as you can see from the label. That means each piece is about 135 calories. Not too bad.

The other important notations are fat content and sodium and those are not extremely high either when you are examining frozen food. In fact, they're pretty at pretty good levels overall.

The portions are not that large though and if you are a big eater, you would probably end up using the entire box. Each box has four of the fillets in them. They appear to be fillets rather than minced fish, wish is actually a plus.

Sea Pak is one of the higher end seafood produces in my opinion. So whether you are a pescatarian or not, these are a good choice.

Contents of nutrients such as potassium and iron are pretty minimal, especially if you follow the recommended serving size. For the proteins you get about 12% of the recommended daily allowances which equates to about 12 grams. There are six grams of protein in one egg.

See the box below for some words on daily protein content.

Dividing your weight into pounds by 20 and multiplying it by seven. You need just a little more than seven grams of protein for every 20 pounds of your body weight. Thus, for someone weighing 200 pounds, the protein requirement will be 70 grams each day.


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In the bag


Frozen pieces of...

Well, when I saw the portion size, I was a bit taken aback. The package (in August of 2022 in the Bay Area) cost about $9 or $10 which means that each piece was on the upper side of $2 each. This isn't cheap, but certain less expensive than eating out.

I saw how the coconut was crusted on top of what appeared to be a batter - how else are they going to add this flavor? Parts of it broke off and it looked like the real McCoy to me, not just some imitation.

Not quite Golden Brown

Well, when I put it in the air fryer and halfway through prepared to turn them, I noticed that some of the shards that covered the pieces started to blacken a bit. The pieces looked like they were almost burned. The hue below the black was a darker brown than I liked, but I decided to give it a whirl nonetheless.

I was surprised though when I bit into a piece. I started to pull it apart and saw a nice sheen of whitefish underneath. The sample broke apart nicely and tasted excellent. The coconut flavoring was very subtle and in fact I felt more teased by having the small shards fall off and get caught in my teeth and roll over my tongue.

The batter was pretty consistent and thick and had just the right amount of sweetness to it. The fillets held together nice which I very much appreciated.

Overall, I was satisfied with this and will probably buy it again. While the cooked pieces didn't resemble the cover image, I was happy.

I probably would not deep fry these though.

Good job Sea Pak.

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