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Review of Poppables: Southwest Ranch Flavor

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Finn lives in California's central valley. He enjoys writing food reviews.


What are poppables

As the label says, these are crispy potato bites which are designed to look like the net section of a lacrosse racket. They are crunchy and flavorful. The small holes add an airy texture to each bite which seems to increase the flavor output.

Basically these are a potato chip that looks like it was poured into a special mold to give it some pop.


The Benefits of Snackin'

Well, this is sort of a rhetorical statement.

Snacks are beneficial because they help carry you through the day until your next meal. They fulfill cravings. They can whet your appetite.

And of course, they give you that extra boost when you're sitting around bored with not much else to do.

I have read studies that have connected the boost your brain experiences with an extended life-expectancy. Every time you snack, you add about two and a half seconds to your life is what I had read.

In addition, the energy you expend lifting the morsels to your mouth and the act of chewing releases endorphins that help promote your overall cardiovascular health. An hour of snacking is equivalent to five seconds on a treadmill!

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How Cool is Southwest Ranch?

Well, these have honestly got to me my favorite of the Poppables variety that I have tried so far. The flavor is clean and I don't get that pasty residue I did with the cheddar cheese specimen.

They crunch nice and there is a bit of a creamy sensation as if these were already dipped. Nothing overbearing and when you look at these in the right light, you can see a thin veneer of reddish gold which makes them seem almost precious.

I highly recommend these


Other Uses...

These not only make a fine snack, but there are several other things they are useful for:

  • instead of crutons, top your salad with these
  • crush them up and coat chicken in them and deep fry
  • a great seasoning for beef
  • if you're into Bloody Marys....
  • sprinkle on the whip cream on your espresso drink
  • a good addition to a baked potato

I hope you enjoy these. They are by far, my favorite of the Poppables snacks.


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