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Review of Lean Cuisine Bowls: Oven Fried Chicken With Mashed Potatoes

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It Tastes Like Chicken

Well I have been wanting to see one of these bowls available in the frozen chicken section for quite awhile. I'm not sure when that famous restaurant started their staple which included: chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and cheese. The first time I tried one of those bowls at KFC, I was very apprehensive. Having your food mixed together like that did not seem appealing.

However, after trying one, I realized that sometimes you have to venture into the unknown.

When I saw this in the frozen aisle section, I did a pause and then looked away and looked back again.

The item managed to find its way into my shopping cart.

I wasn't sure if you could produce a food that tastes so good in a restaurant - fresh - at home in a microwave oven.


Always Think of Your Health

Always, yes always.

When you go shopping for consumables at the grocery store, keep in mind that you are going to be putting this into your body. We really all should be paying attention to that. When most people shop they look for qualities such as taste and preparation convenience.

You really should be paying attention to: calories, cholesterol, fats and carbs.

The protein content is pretty reasonable.

However at 34%, the sodium levels are already at 1/3 of the daily recommended limit. And since most everything we eat has some level of salt content in it, you can believe that this number is not balanced, but over the top.

Carbs are at 15% which isn't over alarming, but they can be found everywhere, just as sodium is.

Fats the same way.

While not entirely unhealthy, this item should probably be lower down on your list. Sometime that if you were going to eat, you would probably touch no more than every few weeks, based on the label alone.

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As far as taste...we will get there.


What you see is always what you get

Cliche's sometimes summarize important ideas very succinctly plus their familiarity breeds a pleasant sound.

There isn't much to this, just a simple bowl with frozen ingredients covered with some plastic wrap. You see the before up above and can look below for the after.

A pool of potatoes, with a few drops of gravy and three or four nuggets of chicken dappled with some cut corn. The idea seems impressive, even formidable, but when you look below, you see that it basically resembles the cover photo. When you look closely at the box, you realize there are only a few of the tenders visible. No false advertising here.

It cooks up pretty easy, if you have a microwave oven and the only troubling step is that you have to stop, open the top and stir things up a bit.


Taste Please?

Well, I have to admit that it really wasn't bad. Even the chicken came out pretty decent which is not something I would expect from a microwave. I think the meat might be made out of whole pieces and not processed. But then again, they could have done a good job in the factory.

I do have to say, that overall the dish was very bland. I was not impressed with the potatoes which tasted like water with some flakes dropped in. The corn was not very intense, but as far as corn goes, it passes. The gravy - not enough, and very bland. No rich meaty flavor, no spices, it tasted like air.

Chicken? Nice breading and much of it did remain somewhat crispy. Not like fresh fried, but passable. However, not much flavor there either. And I like to put a lot of pepper on my food.

And because there wasn't much chicken, this did not at all satisfy my appetite. It could probably serve as an appetizer.

But if it is on sale at your local market and you want a quick comfort food meal, you might want to give this a try.

However, do not expect anything that remotely resembles the dishes you can get from your fast food chicken place.

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