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Review of Farmers Fridge

Justine works and writes from her home in Michigan. She loves to encourage others through her writing.

The meals come already prepared in a recyclable container.

The meals come already prepared in a recyclable container.

Meal Delivery Services

Without sacrificing taste and time, Farmers Fridge was the best delivery meal service out of the three that I’ve tried. Here are just some of the reasons why Goldbelly and Hello Fresh can’t compare to Farmers fridge.

How Does Farmers Fridge Work?

Just click on the items to fill your cart and the website automatically tells you when your box is full. Also, the price is far less than other delivery services and it has reasonable shipping costs. The food is healthy and tasty, with flavor out of this world. Do you ever just open your fridge and stare? Wishing there was just something good in there? No… just me?

Items I Can Recommend

Some of the items I’ve personally tried off their website are….

  • Cobb Salad
  • Bruschetta Salad
  • Buffalo Chicken salad (our ultimate favorite).
  • Apple Cinnamon Oats
  • Pineapple Coconut Chia Pudding
  • Berries and Granola yogurt
  • Cookie Bites

Comparison to Other Food Delivery Services

Gold BellyHello Fresh

Food often came warm in the summer heat. My Shaq’s Chicken came with no dry ice so it was warm. (No thank you food poisoning.)

Automatically renews and picks meals for you. (Often meals we would not enjoy, ended up wasting money and throwing them away.)

$25 shipping is non refundable, so if you have a problem with your order they only give you credits and do not refund you the shipping cost. So in order to use your credit, you have to pay an additional $25 shipping. (Ridiculous).

You need to follow the directions provided and have to prepare the food yourself.

After using my credit and having to shell out an additional $25 for shipping, my second order is from the Pita Co. came with the wrong things and the containers not sealed properly leaking garlicky hummus sauce over everything in the box. Also arrived a day late and barely up to temperature.

Not fast, I was still spending tons of time in the kitchen, cooking food that I really didn’t even like. Being a busy Mom, I wanted something fast that I could grab and go.

The Reason For the Switch

That’s when I decided to try Farmers Fridge. The website allows you to pick your own items and doesn’t automatically renew unlike other services. So no surprise charges to your account. You simply order when your ready, and you get to pick what day you would like it delivered. Look below for $10 off by clicking on the referral link.

Burrata Caprese Salad

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Enough for Two!

My husband and usually split the salads for lunch. The salads come packed in a container and are enough for two. We love the convenience of having something healthy and flavorful ready in the fridge to just grab and go. It saves us from afternoon trips to a fast food place or sandwich shop.

Our Favorite

Our favorite salad is the Buffalo Chicken Salad. Let me tell you why. The Chicken is not too Spicy and comes with other ingredients including carrots, corn, celery, sugar snap peas, white cheddar cheese and a Greek yogurt ranch style dressing. The ingredients mix so well together it’s unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. Even though I’m not a big fan of celery, it gives it that nice little crunch. Feeling happy about my body and food choices is another positive thing I’m experiencing.

More About Farmers Fridge

A New Routine

In the morning I used to skip breakfast than feel really hungry in the afternoon because there is nothing healthy or fast in my fridge. Now, grabbing a container of Apple Cinnamon Oats, or some Berries and Gronola Yogurt has became my morning routine. Not to mention also my favorite late night snack. Knowing I won’t be consuming tons of calories while doing so also makes me feel good.

Order Farmers Fridge

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Justine Nalbach (author) from Michigan on September 26, 2021:

Thanks TheShadowSpectar,

We just moved to the country from the city and the grocery stores are beginning to become more empty. Yesterday the shelves were nearly bare in some spots. I enjoy the food delivery because I don’t have to beat the crowds of people wandering around the store wondering why they are out of certain things. Going to the grocery store takes up too much time too. Hope you are doing well!

Jason B Truth from United States of America on September 25, 2021:

Justine? I remember back when I was living in New York City so many years ago, I absolutely hated to go grocery shopping inasmuch as this task always seemed to creep up on me whenever I was extremely tired and had just gotten off work. After I moved out to Southern California, finding out about the availability of grocery delivery services in my immediate locality was a godsend. I then mainly ordered food items from Pavilion's and The Pink Dot. Moving back to the East Coast was a culture shock for me once I realized that there were no grocery or food delivery services in my locality. Luckily, such services popped up little by little as time moved on, and now I have a regular grocery delivery service that I order from. Who has time to go shopping for food nowadays? I'm so glad that you found something online where you could order food and have it delivered to your home. It saves so much time. By the way, I liked your article.

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