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Review of Datz In Tampa, Florida

Sarah has eaten at Datz many times since 2017 and always has a good experience.

What is Datz?

Datz is an American restaurant located in Tampa and Saint Petersburg, Florida. Datz serves unique and traditional American food such as; burgers, sandwiches, omelets, pancakes etc. Datz opened in Tampa in January 2009 and the owners of Datz opened a second restaurant in Saint Petersburg in May 2019. Datz is known for its unique burgers such as the cheesy todd which consists of 2 beef burgers, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, cheese, and two buns made out of bacon jalapeno mac n cheese. The food at Datz is so amazing and unique that Datz has been featured on many shows and tv stations such as; Good Morning America, the Travel Channel, Food Network, MTV, and many others.

I love coming to Datz whenever I have the chance and in this article, I will give you a review of this restaurant. I hope when you're in the Tampa or Saint Petersburg area, you will give Datz a try too.

Datz serves brunch menu items on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 3 pm and from 8:30 am to 9 pm on Sundays. Datz's brunch items consist of chicken and waffles with egg benedict, normal breakfast items like eggs, sausage, ham, toast, corned beef hash, omelets, sandwiches, breakfast tacos, avocado toast, shrimp and grits, biscuits and gravy, strawberry pancakes, creme brulee french toast, monkey bread, soups and salads, nachos, chicken wings, french onion dip, and a variety of burgers.

On weekdays Datz has mostly all the same brunch items for breakfast with the exception of soups, salads, nachos, chicken wings, and burgers. Breakfast is served from 7-11 am on weekdays then Datz starts serving its lunch and dinner items. There's a section of the lunch and dinner menu called house favorites which contains Datz's most popular menu items. This section consists of puff pastry pot pie, country fried steak, a huge meatball with spaghetti on the inside of the meatball, Mexican food with two eggs, butternut squash ravioli, a version of KFC's famous bowls which contains boneless chicken tends, corn, melted cheese, gravy, bacon, mashed potatoes and a biscuit with honey, shrimp and grits, stuffed meatloaf, fish and chips, chicken tenders, chicken and waffles, and biscuits and gravy.

Datz also has a huge variety of sandwiches. Datz serves a Cuban sandwich, a crispy chicken tender sandwich, a pastrami sandwich, a chicken salad sandwich, grilled cheese, a mahi-mahi sandwich, a version of a class Reuben sandwich, a beef brisket sandwich, and a pulled pork sandwich. The most unique sandwich is the Nashville Chicken Doughnut sandwich which consists of fried chicken tenders tossed in a spicy Nashville sauce then drizzled with honey and topped with pickles. The buns for this sandwich are cinnamon sugar donuts.

The desserts are pretty similar to Dr. BBQ's desserts which consist of a peanut butter pie, bourbon chocolate cake, and a few others. Datz's desserts are pretty much the same except Datz serves strawberry cheesecake and a brownie sundae.

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Datz can be a little pricey compared to other American restaurants. Most of the food items cost between $13-$20 and mostly closer to $20 so eating at Datz wouldn't be a good option if you are looking for something cheap. However, the food you will get at Datz is worth the money spent because everything is fresh and hot.

Food Quality

Whenever I go to Datz, I usually always order the same thing. I order the Biscuits & Crazy which consist of buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy, bacon, two eggs any way, and three types of potatoes: sweet potatoes, blue potatoes, and regular potatoes. This is my favorite dish at Datz because it's very hard to find good biscuits and gravy. At most restaurants, it's usually the same two issues: the biscuit isn't fresh so it's hard or the gravy isn't good. However, at Datz, the biscuit is always soft and fluffy and the sausage gravy tastes great. Also, I love Datz's tri-colored potatoes. I don't like sweet potatoes but Datz is the only place I've been able to eat blue potatoes. Before going to Datz, I never knew blue potatoes existed. Blue potatoes taste almost like regular potatoes but they seem saltier and have their own unique flavor. The bacon Datz uses is like applewood smoked bacon so it has a little sweetness and saltiness to it and I always order my eggs over hard. Datz rarely disappoints when I order this dish. I had an issue once with the Biscuits & Crazy where my sausage gravy tasted sour and I wasn't sure if it was spoiled or not but that was the only time. My friends and family love eating at Datz too and no matter what you order, the food tastes great.


Datz is affiliated with Dr. BBQ so the restaurant layout is pretty similar. There is both indoor and outdoor seating as well as an upstairs and downstairs dining area. The restaurant is very big and seats a lot of people. The restaurant atmosphere is very similar to Dr. BBQ and feels very relaxed and gives off a chill vibe. Datz has beautiful outdoor seating on the patio if you want to enjoy the sunshine or modern indoor seating inside the restaurant. There is a bar in the middle of the downstairs dining area and a small section for dessert. If you want better and more varieties of dessert, you should go next door to Dough which is owned by the same people that own Datz. Dough has a lot of variety of desserts to try though they can also be very pricey.

The staff at Datz are also very nice and attentive. I've only had an issue with the staff at Datz once and I go there at least two times a year. I have been eating at Datz with my family and friends since 2017 as I discussed earlier because I love the food here so much.

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