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Review of Alaska Wild Wings

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A Little Surprised

Well I should start off by saying that I these caught my eye in the frozen section of my grocery store. They looked pretty good and when I saw that they were Buffalo style products, I anticipated chicken.

But they were with the seafood products.

And when I thought about it, it really didn't sound too appetizing at first.

Chicken, yes. But fish?

A few of the samples, ready for the oven

A few of the samples, ready for the oven

Frozen Fish

I don't mind frozen fish. Sometimes it's pretty good. Van de Camp's makes some pretty good patties for sandwiches.

They have some good fillets as well. And in a bind, their fish sticks aren't too bad either.

Not as good as you could get in a place that offers fresh cooked seafood, but for a cheap night in, they work.


Preperation is the key

Of course, a lot of the taste depends upon preparation.

Everyone prefers fried. As unhealthy an option, and as messy as this is, it certainly affects the taste.

Deep frying offers you a crisp crust with a guarantee of a hot and flaky interior. The samples are juicy and dripping with grease which is delicious.

There were no such directions on the package for frying.

That doesn't mean you can't. It just isn't recommended. They would probably cook up too fast on the outside and even burn.

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What the instructions say is to cook it in an oven for about 20 minutes. I usually go 25 or 30.

My Rating

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I like my trusty toaster oven.  Very convenient.

I like my trusty toaster oven. Very convenient.

Some words

Let me get to the point.

They weren't half bad. Certainly not gourmet, but okay once you got past the Buffalo coating.

Honestly, I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have chicken. And for the fish, I prefer a blander, simple crust. But these worked.

Will I buy another package? Yeah, they make a nice snack. Especially if you can get them crispy (hint use a toster oven and cook them on the top rack).

taken out of the oven

taken out of the oven

an interior view

an interior view

Some downsides

You can definitely tell that these are frozen. The quality of the meat is high compared to many frozen products, but still a bit below restaurant quality.

The crust isn't to my preference. Batter is pretty thick. A nice thin catfish with light breading would be good.

And they are pretty spicy too.

Please reach out

Let me know if you try this product and what you think.

Please recommend to me any other frozen seafood products you might think I should try.

I have plans to do a survey on frozen seafood items so please let me know whats available...

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