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Review: Dad’s Saisaki-Kamayan World Buffet, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City


Buffet restaurants are becoming more and more popular these days. For a set price, you can eat all you want until you drop. Dad’s Saisaki-Kamayan World Buffet is one of the more popular buffet venues in Metro Manila these days. Its location might have a huge contribution to its vast number of loyal diners; it’s situated at the 4th floor of SM Megamall, at the Bridgeway connecting buildings A & B of the third largest shopping mall (by floor area) in the Philippines next to SM Mall of Asia and SM North EDSA (Wikipedia). It is one of the closest buffet restaurants in our condo and my husband and I have dined here several times so here are my thoughts about this place.

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How to get there

SM Megamall is located in Mandaluyong City, right beside EDSA, one of Philippines’ major thoroughfares in Metro Manila. You can get here by getting on a cab or a bus that passes by Mandaluyong, EDSA which is by the thousands every day. There are also two MRT stations that’s only a few minute walking distance from the mall; MRT Shaw Blvd. station (Shangri-La Plaza Mall) or MRT Ortigas station (Robinsons Galleria). Once you reach the mall, just get to the 4th floor and walk the bridge connecting buildings A & B. Dad’s World Buffet occupies a huge space and you’ll never miss it.

The Setting and Ambiance

Dad’s World Buffet, with “World” as part of its name, features worldwide cuisines hence the moment you set your eyes on its exterior partition of dining area, to the staff managing the diners’ queue on the reception, to the tables and servers, until you get inside the main buffet area, you can already expect fusion of various worldwide themes and attires. However, Dad’s has one unifying theme; Filipino. And so expect mostly native wall decors and Filipiña dressed receptionists.


I liked that the area is also wide, spacious and welcoming, with its crews friendly and accommodating. The tables were spaced just right, not too close and also not too wide apart, to accommodate its vast number of regular and new diners that normally come in groups. One thing to note though is that if you want to dine here, you have to come at least an hour early if you want to be the first to go in. There will be a long queue outside the restaurant being managed by the receptionists before the buffet area even opens. As soon as you go in, there will be another line with diners on wait list if Dad’s have already reached their allowed number of guests inside the dining area. It could be a little bit rowdy if you’ll be dining at one of the outside tables but no problem if you don’t mind eating with some of the waiting diners sitting and or standing beside your table.


The Food Selection

As I’ve mentioned, the food selection is a combination of various popular world cuisines. I remember my eyes feasting on the section displaying various salads for appetizers, Japanese sushis and tempuras, Chinese dumplings and noodles, Italian pastas, American ham and barbecue, Persian kebabs and obviously, there will be a plethora of Filipino cuisines from adobo to dinuguan to pinakbet to the superstar of our fiestas and special events, the pork lechon. There were cakes, sweet pastries and ice creams for dessert and also several choices of juices to choose from.

The Taste and Quality

The moment you pick up your plate, if it’s your first time, you will usually be overwhelmed not knowing where to start. Allow your eyes to feast on the food, they are absolutely colorful and mouthwatering but take it slow on what you put on your plate. That will give you the chance to taste more and avoid left-overs – note: there will be an extra charge if you have too much food left on your plate.

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My husband and I usually come early thus we go in first when the food are still smoking hot with its wonderful aroma filling the room. Good and clean plating though not deliberate on most dishes, just on usual food warmers. Mostly fresh ingredients but I have to admit not everything I tasted, I liked. Some vegetables are no longer fresh or some meat are too dry or a bit salty for my taste. So it was great that I just put a little bit of what I found interesting first then decided to go back on my second and yes, third! for what I really, absolutely like. Overall, I’d still give Dad’s a 4 on taste and food quality.

The Price

Below are Dad’s pricing based on their website: Monday-Friday Lunch Special Price P 738 (reg. price is P938), Monday-Friday Dinner Special Price P 888 (reg. price is P938), Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays Lunch&Dinner P 938 (reg. price)

There are special discounts being offered on children depending on height. Also, there is no service charge and pricing may be modified if you only want to avail of their Kamayan (Filipino) buffet or their Saisaki (Japanese) buffet. As I’ve said, the pricing is not practical for every day dining but if you have something to celebrate, are just too hungry on a particular day or not sure what you want to eat so you would like a huge selection, Dad’s World Buffet is absolutely worth a try.

Value for Money

Recalling my several Dad’s buffeting experience with everything I mentioned above, from the setting, ambiance and the crew, to the food selection, to the taste and food quality up to the pricing, Dad’s Saisaki-Kamayan World Buffet is definitely worth it and a must try buffet experience.

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Shey Pornan (author) from Manila, Philippines on March 30, 2019:

That's nice, Junjun. Enjoy your buffet experience!

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