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Restaurants, Cafes and Other Places to Eat in Wisconsin Dells.

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Anything you crave for you will find in Wisconsin Dells!

As abundant as Wisconsin Dells attractions are Wisconsin Dells restaurants, cafes and other places to eat. In between your race around Wisconsin Dells places to have fun, you have lots of options to snack, grab a lunch in a fast food place or relax in a quiet place behind a table. After a day full of ultimate fun in Wisconsin Dells it is just fair to treat yourself to a dinner in a fancy restaurant.

Wisconsin Dells offers lots of dining options for any occasion. You can taste the traditional flavors of Wisconsin - cheese curds, burgers, brats, and Friday night fish fries along with famous Wisconsin brewed beers in local bars and loungers. You can enjoy family atmosphere and a wide range of world cuisine in Wisconsin Dells restaurants and cafes. If you need a setting for business meeting or romantic night meal several Wisconsin Dells restaurants are just perfect for this.

Many places to eat are kids friendly and your little ones won’t get bored while they eat. There are many vegetarian food places on a Wisconsin Dells map.

Nobody goes hungry in Wisconsin Dells!


Crabby's Seafood Buffet & More

I just can’t help it! I’ll start with my favorite, Crabby's All You Can Eat and More buffet.

Fun begins the moment you enter! Get you pirate hat and start your journey! It is the largest seafood buffet in the Dells.

There is the Captain Crabby's Animatronic Show that you’ll enjoy while you and your family dine.

Besides seafood, the buffet offers lots of meat (turkey, pork roast, beef stroganoff and much more).

Save some room for desserts!

Open Daily at 4pm.


400 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy,
Wisconsin Dells , WI 53965

This is their breakfast!

Oh, MY!....... Are we there yet?

Paul Bunyan’s

Another place you cannot miss in Wisconsin Dells is Paul Bunyan’s. For more than 50 years, Paul Bunyan’s serves their famous Camp Style Breakfast in Wisconsin Dells.

Home style food, all made “from the scratch” and they mean it!

Their homemade warm donuts are always served with breakfast and you’ll feel at home with any meal.

Paul Banyan’s bakery will offer you the freshest baked breads, gigantic cookies, just like grandma used to make.

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Don’t forget to check their gift shop with lots of Wisconsin souvenirs.

Visiting Wisconsin and not visiting Paul Banyan’s means not visiting Wisconsin! C’mon, jump into the car! Reservations are not needed. Even if you have a big pack, you won’t have to wait for long to get the most delicious homemade food in Wisconsin Dells!

411 Hwy 13
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965


Carvelli's Pizza and Pasta House

Carvelli's Pizza and Pasta House

Everyone loves Italian. Carvelli's Pizza and Pasta House makes their own pasta from scratch. Both customers and pedestrians can view the pasta being made from their glass room!

Thi is the address for the freshest veal, chicken, seafood, pizza and pasta dishes in Wisconsin Dells.

They also offer vegetarian dishes and kid friendly meals.

Even free delivery for those who prefer to dine at home!

Check them for free cupons!


505 Broadway
Wisconsin Dells , WI 53965


Buffalo Phil's Pizza & Grille

Buffalo Phil's Pizza & Grille

Are you going to Wisconsin Dells with kids? Do you think your kids will love their food delivered by miniature train? Then, check Buffalo Phil's Pizza & Grille. Your kids will love their Train Room!

Menu includes Pizzas, Rotisserie Chicken, BBQ’s, Lil’ Buckaroo Meals & Tex-Mex. Try their Pizza, Pasta, Soup & Salad Lunch Buffet! Knuckleheads Bowling and Indoor Amusement Park are just next door!

Free Delivery is available.


At the Tanger Outlet Complex 150 Gasser Rd.
Wisconsin Dells , WI 53965


Much, much more!

High Rock Cafe

Best Restaurant in Wisconsin Dells. Modern American cuisine with a sense of adventure! Outstanding bold flavors and fresh ingredients. Located in the heart of downtown. Unique salads, wraps, sandwiches, delicious crab cakes, pastas, fajitas, steaks, and much more.

Friendly atmosphere!


232 Broadway
Wisconsin Dells , WI 5396


Marley's Caribbean Restaurant

Kids Friendly, a unique Caribbean setting with palm trees, table coloring and game room fun for all - young or old. Steaks, Seafood, Ribs, Pastas and Kid Menu.

Stay for their nightly entertainment.


1470 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy
Wisconsin Dells , WI 53965


Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co

Being in Dells you will notice the delivery car with a huge Moose on the top, driving around the city. Proof that All Restaurants are Not Created Equal!

The Dells' only micro-brewery features ten hand-crafted brews. From their tanks straight to your glass.

Large arcade, pool tables and premium sports viewing located on the 3rd floor.

Family Friendly! Free Delivery!


110 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy S
Wisconsin Dells , WI 53965

Eating at Marley's. Ultimate experience.

Kids friendly place. Kids menu available and fun drawing on the table cover.

Kids friendly place. Kids menu available and fun drawing on the table cover.

Appetizer- gator bites!

Appetizer- gator bites!

Gator sandwich with Jammin' fries. Plus Chocolate Martini.

Gator sandwich with Jammin' fries. Plus Chocolate Martini.

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Sheila and Wanderlust! Meet you at Crabby's! Fun guaranteed!

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