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Restaurant Review of Saffron Indian Cuisine Restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina

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Saffron Indian Cuisine Restaurant – Greensboro, NC- A Review

SAFFRON INDIAN CUISINE RESTAURANT : Saffron Indian Cuisine Restaurant – Greensboro, NC- A Review

Here is a restaurant review of Saffron Indian Cuisine Restaurant. Do you enjoy eating Indian food? Saffron Indian Cuisine Restaurant offers an elegant and comfortable dining experience in Greensboro, NC. Many people dine at Saffron Indian Cuisine restaurant without taking children along but if you do take your children to the restaurant, they will be treated very kindly by the waitstaff even if they are being a little mischievous. This is always a plus. I love to dine at a restaurant where the waitstaff has lots of patience for children.


Items that we enjoyed at Saffron Indian Cuisine restaurant include the mango lassi delicious yogurt drink pictured below.

  • Among many available drink choices typically offered at Indian restaurants, the mango lassi is always my favorite.
  • The mango lassi is a cold drink that we enjoyed on this most recent trip to Saffron Indian Cuisine Restaurant.
  • If I had chosen among the hot drinks, I probably would have purchased chai tea.

Nevertheless, the mango lassi yogurt drink at Saffron Indian Cuisine restaurant was smooth, tasty, creamy, flavorful and richly colored with the orange yellow color of mangoes.

At this Indian restaurant, Saffron, there were also many bread choices for having as a type of appetizer. We chose the paratha bread.

We chose to order the paratha bread.

The menu at Saffron Indian Cuisine restaurant offered much variety

The menu choices were varied and one item that I was enthusiastic about ordering was the lamb biryani. This is a rice dish that has tender cut up pieces of lamb in it. It is somewhat spicy and served with a side of cooling yogurt sauce as a dip. This type of white sauce made with yogurt is quite popular for pairing with spicy dishes served at Indian restaurants.

  • The lamb biryani at Saffron Indian Cuisine restaurant is currently priced at around $14.95.
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  • Those drinks such as the mango lassi are also complementary to the food. Perhaps you will have your drink before the food even arrives at the table but having a few sips of your drinks between bites of your entrée is also very refreshing.

Vegetable samosas, savory fried pastries that contain potato and green peas especially, are very tasty at Saffron Indian Cuisine Restaurant.

We also enjoyed getting a shrimp dish. All of the food seemed to be exquisitely prepared really. We were not disappointed with any of the items that we purchased.

Saffron Indian cuisine restaurant is a restaurant the often offers Groupon deals as well so you can be sure to check what is available with that before you go so that you can get the best deals in savings.

Mango Lassi

mango  lassi

mango lassi


Shrimp dish at Saffron Indian Cuisine Restaurant

very tasty shrimp

very tasty shrimp

Lamb Biryani (rice) at Saffron Indian Cuisine Restaurant

lamb biryani

lamb biryani


Paratha bread at Saffron Indian Cuisine Restaurant in Greensboro, NC


Pastry with lamb


Saffron Indian Cuisine Restaurant

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