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Reasons Why I Love Coffee

I am Hina; and I am a highly personalized writer. I like to put a lot of my emotions, experiences and opinions into what I write.

I love my cup of coffee, do you?

I love my cup of coffee, do you?

Reasons Why I Love Coffee:

Coffee- the name itself rings merry bells in my ears. To me coffee is not just a beverage but it is an energy booster which charges my lazy self and a motivation that pushes me right out of my bed and drives me through the day like a loyal companion. Although there are several tell tales surrounding the consumption of coffee and these myths vary from region to region, most of these are just woven facts and still others hold a partiality of truth.

My love affair with coffee is not a matter of days or months, it actually started when I stepped into my professional life and the stress was simply driving me mad. It was then my colleague (who later became a very dear friend) offered me that first cup of coffee which I had in her office. And the rest is history. Since then, without fail, I used to kick my day with a cup of hot steaming coffee. I am not a 3, 4 or more cups of coffee addict, but I never fail to relish my first cup of coffee before the onset of my daily routine.

You must be wondering now why I love coffee so much. And if its humanly possible to be that crazy for a beverage? Coffee makes me happy and I think it is enough of a reason in itself but still here a few top reasons why I have a heart for coffee. Just grab your cup and read, who knows we might be on the same boat!


1. Aroma

The aroma of coffee is so refreshing; it is surely the best smell worth waking up for. It is so heartwarming and undeniably good that I really can’t imagine to break my day with anything else. And I bet this morning ritual is quintessential to turn me from a lusty Berber to a civilized being, much like the memes you might have come across. I cannot deny that I am addicted to its aroma, just like I can’t get enough of its taste.

2. Taste:

The heavenly and distinct taste of coffee is no doubt a treat for your tastebuds. This taste is different for every coffee drinker because of the vast variety of coffee flavors, roasts and varieties available in the market. Each variety has its own appeal and every sip is so enriched that anyone can barely hold back. I appreciate it without sugar and creamers, what’s your preference? Flavored coffees are no less a treat, creativity is at its peak. If you haven’t tasted yet, give your tastebuds a delightful twist and try French vanilla, hazelnut and caramel; you surely won’t regret it! It’s truly addictive.

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Coffee always comes first.

Coffee always comes first.

3. Stimulant:

I not only love coffee for its taste and mesmerizing aroma, but also because the caffeine in it stimulates my energy levels and helps me to get through a really stressful day. It helps to cross the activation energy barrier and puts me into gear. It keeps me focused and more productive.


4. Warm and cuddly:

Yes! It is cent percent true that coffee can relax my nerves and help me to wind down like nothing. Its smell, its taste and its soothing effect is absolutely enticing. Researches have proved the calming effect of coffee on one’s nerves and hence aids in creativity and mental activity. So, if you are also having a tough time, give yourself a break! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth of your hot coffee. You deserve it!

5. Cultural Identity:

Coffee beans are cultivated in various diverse climatic regions around the world. I have spent a significant time of my life in Saudi Arabia and walking in the bazars, the earthly smell of freshly ground coffee beans was simply beyond one’s comprehension. From the farms of Brazil to Colombia to Ethiopia, coffee beans have a unique cultural identity which not only fail to invite you but also speaks for itself.

Conversations and coffee go hand in hand.

Conversations and coffee go hand in hand.

6. Social Drink:

Coffee and conversation are the best partners. Ever had a coffee date with your friend? How easy it is converse over the table relishing the taste of your favorite coffee? What an absolute relief; idle talks, laughs over lame jokes and hearty chats! Not only this, but coffee is also a partner during many business meetings and formal gatherings. Coffee creates an environment of acceptance and understanding that surrounds the drinkers and helps in free-flowing conversations.

So, among the myriad reasons to love coffee, these are a few ones. The number of people drinking coffee is increasing at an exponential rate every day and everyone is adding their own reasons to the list.

Love, live, smile and add some shine to your day with a cup of coffee.

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