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Railway Pork Recipe

Railway Pork

Railway Pork

Pork is red meat and is not very healthy. Also pork has lots of fat in it so pork should be eaten with restrain. Railway pork is an authentic Indian recipe which contains pork with lots of vegetables. It is very tasty and easy to cook. Ingredients are cheap and easily available and this dish is purely for taste. Though I am not a fan of pork but I put this recipe here for those who like pork. We Indians are not pork eating nation so we do not have many pork dishes. Also India has second highest number of Muslims in the world about 250 million and since Muslims do not eat pork so not many Hindus who eat meat also do not eat pork

Serves: 4


1. Minced Pork: 400 grams/ 13 oz.

2. Potato: 1 washed, peeled and cut in to small pieces.

3. Tomatoes: 400 grams`/ 13 oz chopped.

4. Carrot: 1 large coarsely grated.

5. Desi Ghee: 40 grams / 1¼ Oz.

6. Large onion: 1 finely chopped.

7. Cloves: 3

8. Cardamom pods: 5

9. Cinnamon stick: 1

10. Garlic Paste: ½ Tsp

11. Ginger Paste: ½ Tsp.

12. Garam Masala: 1 Tsp

13. Red Chili Powder.

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14. Grounded Asafoetida: 1 Tsp.

15. Bay Leaf: 1

16. Water: 125 ml / 4 Fl oz.

17. Salt to taste.

18. Pepper to taste.


1. Take a large frying pan with heavy base and tight fitting lid.

2. Over the medium heat melt ghee in it.

3. Add finely chopped onions and cook for 7 to 8 minutes stirring occasionally.

4. Onions should now be golden brown.

5. Add cinnamon stick, cardamom pods and cloves.

6. Cook for about a minutes stirring occasionally.

7. Add garlic paste, ginger paste, chili powder, asafetida, and salt and garam masala.

8. Cook for one more minute stirring occasionally.

9. Add pork and cook for 5 minutes.

10. Cook till the meat can be broken by a wooden spatula.

11. Add potatoes, water, bay leaf and tomatoes.

12. Bring it to boil stirring frequently.

13. Reduce heat to lowest.

14. Cover the pan with lid tightly.

15. Simmer for 15 minutes.

16. Now stir in carrots and cover again and cook for 5 minutes.

17. Now tomatoes and carrots should be tender. If not cook for another minute or two.

18. Taste and adjust seasoning, add salt and pepper according to your taste.

19. Serve hot with Naan or Rotis.

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Dale Anderson from The High Seas on June 15, 2015:

I have never been a big fan of pork but this dish could change my mind. I think I'll give it a try.

Indian Chef (author) from New Delhi India on March 05, 2013:

Thanks Marissa for checking out my page.

Marissa Buhalog on March 04, 2013:

wow!!!i love this.i will definitely try this.

Indian Chef (author) from New Delhi India on May 29, 2012:

Thanks shitar

Shitar milan on May 27, 2012:

Ekjam ricip

iruvanti from U.S.A on February 13, 2012:

Love the taste of meat and potatoes. Can I substitute lamb for the pork?

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