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Quick Easy Zucchini Bread Recipe With Cake Mix

Great Zucchini Bread Recipe

I am a Mom always looking for quick easy recipes for my family. Anytime of year is a great time to make breads like zucchini, banana, or pumpkin bread. A lot of people like to make zucchini bread in the Summer time because there tends to be an abundance of zucchini. I love zucchini bread, here's a recipe that is as good if not better than the more complex zucchini bread recipes.


1 (18 oz.) box of spice cake mix

2 cups of shredded zucchini

1/2 cup chopped black walnuts or pecans

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Prepare the cake mix according to the directions on the package. Use a paper towel or clean kitchen towel to squeeze out liquid from the shredded zucchini. Add your zucchini and nuts into the cake mix and mix the ingredients well. Pour into two sprayed and floured loaf pans and bake for 50 - 60 minutes. Serving size it 12 - 16.

zucchini bread



Linda on August 30, 2015:

I have lots of zucchinis. Want a quick fix cake. Starter any type cake mix with zucchini. Help. Thx

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DeborahFantasia (author) from Italy on July 23, 2011:

The pleasure is mine "twilaneilson," I hope you and your daughter enjoy it ! Happy baking :)

Twila Nelson from Carmichael, California on July 23, 2011:

Thank you for a fun and easy zucchini bread recipe. Zucchini bread is one of my daughters favorites.

DeborahFantasia (author) from Italy on July 21, 2011:

I love zucchini bread also ! I've never tried a chocolate one, it's sound fabulous though.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on July 21, 2011:

I love zucchini bread. I made a chocolate one.

Yours looks really good and I will try your recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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