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Pursue Better Coffee With Melitta’s 10-Cup Aroma Enhance Glass White Coffee Maker


Yeah It’s Coffee!

Coffee? Who cares about that? Pretty much everybody — Starbucks is always crowded and it’s not about caramel based drinks, it’s about that black brew that has caffeine in it (and yes it does get diluted down with other stuff but that’s how it starts). So for many at home, the first thing they want to do in the morning is make a cup of coffee — avoiding having to get dressed and running over to a store to wait in line to get that brew. But back to the house, because that’s where the coffee needs to be found. Now for those who want instant coffee, we say good for you but don’t think you’re getting the kind of real good and tasting coffee you deserve. To do this you need to brew that coffee from coffee grounds — which also lets you pick the type of coffee that best suits your tastes. So the best way to get this coffee is to brew it; meaning you’ll need coffee grounds but mostly a filter coffee maker that plugs into a wall outlet and which will optimally brew the coffee to its moment of enjoyment. That pretty much describes Melitta’s 10-Cup Aroma Enhance Glass White Coffee Maker.


Construction Is Vital

Before we get to the actual use, describing the physical aspects makes sense. So we take it from the name — the carafe is made of glass and can hold a total of 10 cups. Obviously the handle is heat resistant so it can be handled once filled with coffee. The base into which the carafe goes has all its controls at the top end — again obviously the very top opens so that water can be poured in (tap water is never recommended to use). Before putting the carafe in, open the area so that you can take out the filter basked (both it and the carafe are dishwasher safe, btw) — this is where the grounds are placed. So now there’s water in the coffee maker as well as grounds and yes a filter has been inserted into the basket first.

Getting to the controls, perhaps the most important is setting the indicator for the strength of the coffee — the amount of heat that is generated for “cooking” the coffee is automatic. Then by using the controls off you go for coffee — if you want things to start at a different time than with you standing right in front of it, just use the programmable timer and yes that LCD display shows the time to those bleary eyes.

Once the coffee is made and consumed (coffee can be kept warm for up to 2 hours but who expects it to last that long?), cleaning the coffee maker can be done (see above as to dishwasher). And if to put it away, then the cord can be coiled away, but for those using this at home it’s going to stay ready to go. And because water caused problems over time, having a rescaling indication and program to use is a big help — if not an ongoing necessity.


Coffee Doesn’t Need To Be Only Hot

Of course hot coffee is not only what people like to drink - there’s ice coffee being enjoyed as well. One way to quickly make coffee and then cool it down with ice is by using a pour-over coffeemaker: this works without electricity and is able to quickly accomplish its goal. Melitta’s Signature Series Pour-Over Coffeemaker is plastic based and shaped somewhat similarly to a huge coffee mug with a handle even. You place the Pour-Over on top of a coffee mug and put a filter inside. Add a scoop of coffee grounds and then pour hot water so as to saturate the grounds. Once cooled, in goes the coffee into a glass or take-away mug, then ice is added (maybe sugar and milk too, up to you). This Pour-Over makes all this easy to do and is attractive red as well.

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The Melitta 0-Cup Aroma Enhance Glass White Coffee Maker easily becomes an integral part of one’s morning ritual — because it’s coffee! And yes that includes decaf too, because there’s room for both and Melitta is fine with that. For more details on Melitta go to

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