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Product Review - Xiaomi Coffee Grinder Bud

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How it started...

Coffee becomes a thing to me cause it's the only non mineral water we have at the office. I embraced the coffee breaks culture and the rest is history. Since it was involuntary I just grabbed the easiest way with the nicest taste as I can. The former is easy... the later fused with my picky curious personality and slowly I drifted into the coffee nuts community. They convinced me brewing my own coffee beans is better than those plethora sachet coffees in convenient stores. But what about that "easy" criteria ?

Xiaomi Coffee Grinder BUD

That question held me back every time I am in a coffee shops and encounter gorgeous displays of various coffee beans in premium packaged. Until a friend gifted me with one. I have got to have a grinder.

Enters.... Xiaomi Coffee Grinder BUD.

It look like a tumbler cause it is a tumbler, except it's NOT just a tumbler. It got this electric portable grinder complete with an expresso filter all high grade aluminums but the one I LOVE most is it's 40 second grinding timer. It relieves me from guessing how long to grind or how smooth I want. Lazy coffee drinker remember ?

So this is how it works...

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Another thing I love is how the grinder container sort of holds a perfect size for the amount of beans needed for an decent expresso. You just pour and level those beans and I have tried it, it's good. You don't need those fancy scales.

All there is left is the amount of water. I solved that with this nescafe expresso mug. You don't need fancy scales, but if you must, go ahead and geek it.


If you are in between coffee jedi and coffee noob like me, at the price of less than $80 you will find this baby worth to have around for an above standard coffe break.


Lisa Jane from Washington on March 12, 2021:

I love this article.

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