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Popular Food Combinations

Margaret Minnicks is a health-conscious person who researches the health benefits of foods and drinks.


Some foods taste like they were made to be eaten together. Burgers and fries, peanut butter and jelly, and spaghetti and meatballs are duos that are so popular that people often eat them together.

There are some common foods that people love to eat as a pair. While each food can be eaten and enjoyed separately, some foods are better when eaten with another food.

The following food combinations might be a tradition in your family. They might also be cultural or regional enjoyment.

Most people are familiar with the food pairings listed in this article. See if your food combinations are listed below. If not, feel free to add them in the comment section below.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Some people feel like something is missing from their meal if they have spaghetti without meatball or meat sauce. The pasta is delicious but so much more when paired with meatballs or some other form of ground beef as shown in the photo above.

Burger and Fries

If you order a burger in some restaurants, the waitress will ask you, "Would you like fries with your burger?" There is just something about the two flavors that go so well together It doesn't even matter what type of burger you order or what type of fries you choose.

There are many types of burgers:


Corned Beef and Cabbage

You do not have to be Irish to enjoy corned beef and cabbage. Neither do you have to wait until St. Patrick's Day that is celebrated on March 17 every year. You can feast on the combination whenever you have a taste for both foods.


Peanut Butter and Jelly

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is very popular among young children. They seem to never get tired of eating it. They don't complain when they are given it for a snack and again to take to school for lunch.

Kids and some adults love the combination so much that families keep their shelves stocked with both foods. The combination is so popular that you can purchase the two foods in the same jar.


Bacon and Eggs

There are many combinations that people eat for breakfast. For instance, some people love bacon and eggs while others love ham and eggs. Even others love sausage and eggs. Eggs seem to be the staple while paired with different meats. Corned beef hash is a good food to eat along with boiled or scrambled eggs.

Very seldom do people eat just eggs without eating something else along with them.

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Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

Someone discovered that waffles taste good when paired with chicken. However, there are many other side dishes that are just as good to eat with chicken. For instance, some people who live in the south love to eat chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. Add some biscuits and you will have a finger-licking meal.


Steak and Baked Potato

Whether you like your steak well done, medium or rare, more than likely you want a baked potato to eat with it. You can top that baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives.


Liver, Onions and Gravy

Some consumers like onions and gravy whether they are eating beef, pork or chicken livers, Liver can be eaten alone, but the dish is so much more enhanced when onions and gravy are added.


Apple Pie and Cheese

This list would not be complete without adding a dessert. Some people love a slice of cheddar cheese on their apple pie. Younger consumers prefer a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of their warm apple pie. In that case, the combination is called apple pie a la mode.

Cheese or ice cream is a delicious addition to a warm slice of apple pie. You can't go wrong no matter which topping you choose or even if you choose neither one.


Add Your Favorite Pair of Foods

If you have a favorite pair of foods, feel free to add it in the comment section below. Perhaps your combination will entice someone else to try it.


Regina Chambers on March 15, 2021:

I love apple pie and cheese.

One of my favorite dishes is


Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on October 17, 2019:

I never heard of apple pie and cheese combination.

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on October 17, 2019:

That food in the picture looks yummy. I had big meatballs today. Great story.

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