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Popeye's Chicken Sandwich vs. Church's Chicken

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Winner Winner - Chicken Dinner


Fried Chicken Sandwiches

There is definitely a lot to be said for a fried chicken sandwich. A slice of tender breast meat, with a crispy exterior, fit between a warm and toasty bun.

Add whatever toppings you like...

And you have a delicious and convenient meal. Add a side of fries or potatoes and a refreshing beverage, and you are set.

They can be found in a variety of compositions. A deep fried chicken breast patty is probably the most popular, but there is also the shredded chicken or hot chicken sandwich served with potatoes and gravy.

Either way you slice it, chicken makes a great meal and a good sandwich.


Brief History of Popeyes.

According to Wikipedia, Popeye's opened in Louisiana, in 1972. Right behind KFC, it is the second largest chicken restaurant. Originally named Chicken on the Run, it failed initially, but reopened in 1975 under Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits.

It was named after a character in the movie, The French Connection and not after the popular comic book character.

Popeyes - The Sandwich

Well, this certainly is one that lives up to the hype. My only disappointment was that the meat itself isn't spicy, but they slap on a seasoned mayonnaise to give it some heat.

Even so, without the topping, this is by far one of the best sandwiches I have ever had from anyplace.

You get a large tender breast - full breast - that is dipped in a flavorful batter and cooked just right.

The crust is a delight to your taste buds and with just the right amount of crunch. It comes off in flaky pieces that melt in your mouth.

Not only is this tasty, but it satisfies an appetite. The meat is so large, it falls out of the gigantic bun. The bread was cooked just right and flavored supreme.

Definitely you want to try this sandwich and try telling me it isn't delicious.

If you are a chicken lover, you will be happy.

And the price is just right.

Nutritional Information - Popeye's





19 grams


1,350 miligrams


28 grams


88 miligrams


7.5 grams

Don't forget the sides!


History of the Chicken Sandwich

In North America, the sandwich usually consists of a chicken filet or patty, toppings and bread. The chicken meat can be deep fried, grilled, roasted or boiled, served hot or cold, and white or dark meat chicken can be used. Shredded chicken in one form or another, such as chicken salad, can also be used in chicken sandwiches. Wrap versions of the sandwich can also be made, in which the ingredients are rolled up inside a flatbread, such as a tortilla.

— Wikipedia

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Church's Sides


What do you like?


Brief History of Church's

An article in Wikipedia states: "Church's Chicken is an American chain of fast food restaurants specializing in fried chicken, also trading outside North America as Texas Chicken. The chain was founded as Church's Fried Chicken To Go by George Church, Sr., on April 17, 1952, in San Antonio across the street from the Alamo."

Fries and Jalopenos were added in the mid 1950s and in 1956 there were four restaurants.

As of 2017, the company boasts 1,009 locations.

Church's Sandwich


What a disappointment. When I first called to ask the restaurant about the sandwich, the guy at the other end said, "Popeyes?" like he was asking a question.

I guess what he was really trying to say is, "Go to Popeye's instead..."

Which would have been great honest advice.

The sandwich here is a non-sandwich. A small, thin patty, with what tasted like bone marrow inside. The crust was okay, but I ended up tossing the sandwich after a few bites. It was absolutely inedible.

It tasted like one of those patties you buy at a dozen per dollar. No real meat inside.

I was very disappointed because their chicken here is pretty good.

Avoid this sandwich at all costs. Even though it is only about two dollars.

Nutritional Information - Church's




18 grams


660 miligrams


15 grams


30 miligrams


5 grams

In Summary

My favorite type of chicken sandwich is an all white-meat patty, deep fried and placed on a warm bun. I don't care for toppings much and I much prefer my meat to have a bit of a kick. In other words, spicy.

There are very many restaurants that provide a chicken sandwich. Most popular fast food chains have some specimen available.

Two of my favorite chicken places - in addition to KFC - are Church's and Popeyes.

I hope you will share your input too.

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