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Piping Gel - How to Use Piping Gel / Piping Jelly in Cake Decorating

What is Piping Gel for Cakes

Piping Gel, if you haven't discovered it before, is a way to have a whole new level of fun while cake decorating.

Simply put piping gel, or piping jelly as it's also called is a sugar based gel which can be clear or colored and is used to add decoration to cakes ~ but in reality it's so much more than that.

While it's not true to say that anything you can do with royal icing can also be done with gel - the gel never sets so couldn't be used for run outs and isn't great on the side of a cake as it tends to run down - using piping gel can take simple cake decorations to a whole new level.

Lets imagine we are decorating a cake for 6 year old~ particularly a 6 year old girl who loves pink and glitter. We could put a happy birthday message on the cake using pink royal icing, but imagine how much better it would be in sparkly pink gel, especially if we also cover the cake in flowers with sparkly pink centres, and then sprinkle with edible glitter.


How to Use Piping Jelly

Beyond simple piping there are some great other ways to use this gel - in fact a tub of clear piping gel should become a store cupboard staple for every cake decorator.

Piping jelly can be easily colored using food colourings and you can also add edible glitter or sugar sprinkles to get more interesting effects.

Colored blue this product is great for filling moats in fairy castles, or for creating lilly pond cakes as shown in the photo.

Mug of Tea Cake

Mug of Tea Cake

Old Fashioned Lucozade Bottle Cake

Old Fashioned Lucozade Bottle Cake

Fairytale Castle Cake

Piping Jelly used to create 'water' for the castle moat

Piping Jelly used to create 'water' for the castle moat

Other Uses for Piping Gel

Colored brown it can easily look like tea or coffee, which is great to put in the top of a mug cake and makes for a lovely idea for Father's Day.

Or if you want to re-live your youth color the gel as brightly as you can, use it to top cupcakes, stick a few umbrellas in them and you have perfect cocktail cupcakes.

It's also great for swimming pool cakes, stained glass window cakes and artist palette cake - in fact any sort of cake where you want to give the appearance of water or something shiny.

I've used orange coloured piping gel to create the effect of cellophane around an old style Lucozade Bottle cake.

Dyed blue piping gel is also perfect to use as water for a castle moat, as shown in the fairytale castle cake below.

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sweetgracecake on November 25, 2010:

I love using piping gel. This is an interesting article to bring back the use of piping gel.

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