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Gourmet Coffee for Less

Keith Schroeder writes The Wealthy Accountant blog and has 30 years of experience in the tax field.

I am treading on dangerous ground talking about cheap coffee. Some coffee drinkers want the cheapest caffeine fix available. Serious coffee drinkers want a rich, full-flavored coffee. So the question begs to be asked: Can a quality coffee be had for less?

But I am not talking about cheap coffee; I am speaking of quality coffee for less. It is possible to purchase a supreme-quality coffee for a reasonable price. A top tier coffee like Kona is available at reasonable prices. However, too much Kona is wasted in blends of up to 90% inferior coffee. A Kona blend is nothing compared to 100% Kona coffee.

I will define the difference between cheap coffee and coffee for less in this article. I will also show you how to purchase high quality and gourmet coffee at discount prices.


Cheap Coffee

Paying less for coffee just because it is cheaper is a bad idea. If cheap is all you want, you can gather some yard waste and strain a little water through that. It is about as satisfying. Coffee blends of the most undesirable beans are offered for enticing prices, but the brew will tear the lining out of your stomach.

I have no problem with quality coffees being sold on sale. The key point is the quality. Using coupons or discounted coffee prices is what this article is all about. My main goal is to get you a reasonable cup of high quality Joe.

Coffee for Less

Purchasing a fine Columbian coffee at a discounted price is okay. Warehouse, outlet, and mail order distributors are the best place to search for low-priced coffee. Top quality Kona coffee which runs $30 and up is available online from Amazon for under $30 at times and may include free shipping.

If you are in charge of coffee at the office you can buy in quantity. Quantity purchases offer an additional chance at discounted coffee prices, especially from warehouse outlets.

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But what about the average guy on the street that wants a gourmet cup of coffee at a discounted price? There is a secret. One I ran across completely by accident. And I am going to share it with you.

Coffee for Less

The Secret of Secrets

I never knew high-end gourmet coffee could be purchased so easily for such low prices. Let me show you how I made a fantastic coffee discovery and waited two years before the information really sunk in. It took that long to realize the scope of my find.

The story: I love studying alternative energy resources. One of the world’s largest energy fairs takes place each June about a two hour drive from my doorstep. Therefore, I attend each year and enjoy all the sessions I can manage to squeeze in.

Vendors from everywhere hawk their wares. In one section, the vendors sell other Earth-friendly items, like rainforest safe coffee. Every year I would stop by and enjoy several cups of the smoothest drink to ever pass my lips. The roaster was a local company and offered to sell me a package to take home. I did not even listen to the price because it must be ungodly expensive with the Earth-safe moniker and all.

The third year was different. Two men were singing the praises of the rich aromaed blend and bragging about how cheap the coffee was. “Must be a sales guy planted in the crowd to sell coffee,” I said leaning over to my wife. Then the two guys went on their merry way and I decided to ask how much it really costs. I went to a knee when they told me.

Ten minutes and smelling salts brought me back to this world. My wife steadied me as they repeated the price. The price was cheaper than low quality grocery store brands. Of course I bought a generous supply.

I did some research and discover a wonderful secret about the coffee business: there are a large number of local coffee roasters everywhere in the United States. These small business owners are the highest level of coffee lover there is. In my home state I found several small coffee roasters that sold coffee for less than I ever imagined possible. At the office and at home I now enjoy the best coffee I ever had and for a third to half of what I paid at the local supermarket.


So there you have it. A secret most coffee-lover’s never take advantage of; small, local roasters that sell coffee for less and all gourmet quality. Help the local folks and yourself with gourmet coffee. You save money and enjoy the best Joe ever while the local business owner can make a living doing what they love most: providing you with the best coffee, for less.

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