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Packing Lunch For School : Lunch Ideas For Kids

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Packing Lunch For School - Lunch Ideas for Kids

Small colorful containers for kids' lunch items.

Small colorful containers for kids' lunch items.

(Food photo: carrot sticks and tangerines) Packing Lunch for School - Lunch Ideas for Kids

(Food photo: carrot sticks and tangerines) Packing Lunch for School - Lunch Ideas for Kids

Packing Lunch For School : Lunch Ideas For Kids

Packing Lunch For School : Lunch Ideas For Kids

Ideas for Packing Lunches for Little Kids to Go to School With:

“I do not always but when I do” pack lunches that my little kids can take to school with them, I like to think creatively about what to send them to school with.

  • Various ideas enter my head when I go about this. For example, I might think, hey, I roasted a chicken yesterday and the leftovers are in the refrigerator.
  • I can add some mayonnaise, preferably Hellman’s 100% real mayonnaise, my favorite and make a great chicken salad for the kids to take to school.
  • Chicken salad, tuna fish salad, and pot roast beef are all examples of lunches that I have prepared in the wee hours of the mornings for my kids to take to school with them.
  • Preparing meals for your kids to take to school each and every day will take a special type of dedication hence my “I do not always but when I do” approach to doing this.

1. Delicious chicken salad with lemon, celery and baby carrots and a side of chips

chicken salad with lemon, celery and carrots

chicken salad with lemon, celery and carrots


So fresh and tasty.

2. Chicken salad with fresh strawberries and tangerine wedges & V8 to drink


Packing Lunch for School - Avoiding junk food

Additionally, the school will have certain dietary guidelines, so if you decide to send your child to school with meals prepared at home instead of those offered by the school cafeteria, then you will want to make sure to follow such guidelines.

  • Generally, you can just send your child with a healthy meal that contains a serving of fruit and a serving of vegetable.
  • If you repeatedly send your child to school with some kind of junk food treat, you will probably be given a school administration hint that it is not recommended to do so.

Packing Lunch for School - Keeping it interesting

Children generally seem to love colorful and yes, maybe even color coordinated foods. I think that it is entertaining for them.

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So, as you might have seen the recipe hub about healthy smoothies and how I coordinate the colors to attain the most vibrant and true color instead of muddled color with the smoothies, I take a similar approach when packing the lunches.

For example, if the fruit that I am packing is tangerine orange segments, I might pair that with raw carrot sticks just like that brightly colored orange healthy smoothie that I feature in the healthy smoothies recipe hub has both carrots and orange juice blended in it.

Green apples and celery sticks or green apples and broccoli might also get paired together in these efforts. The kids love that.

The before mentioned chicken salad would go really well with celery sticks or raw broccoli florets for example and a green apple can be sent along with that to meet fruit and vegetable guideline expectations.

Alternatively, the chicken salad can be sent with carrot sticks as the vegetable and an orange as the fruit.

Nevertheless, on the days where I’m not bothering to consider anything about color coordination, the chicken salad pairs well with many different types of fruits including strawberries as featured in the illustrative photo with this hub on HubPages.

Keeping appropriate sized plastic containers will be important for this endeavor. You can also even use much smaller containers with the larger ones to keep the different foods from mixing up with each other too much during transport in the lunch totes that are put into the backpacks.

  • This might remind you a little of the popular bento boxes or compartmentalized lunch trays and your kid will appreciate it.
  • Many people, both kids and adults would really rather if all of their different foods were not touching each other and mixing up with each other to make possibly a jumbled mess during transport from home to work of school.

3. Steak with Potatoes and Green Beans can easily be warmed in the microwave at school


4. Steak with Broccoli and Rice and Oven Fried Potatoes




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Nyesha Pagnou MPH (author) from USA on May 02, 2018:

Hi Peggy, Thanks so much for posting a comment on this hub about ideas for packing lunch for kids. I really appreciate your sharing a comment and mentioning what packed lunch was like for you during your school days! Homemade bread and homemade cookies from your Mom sounds like it was lovely!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 14, 2018:

Your school lunches that you featured look good and healthful as well. Back in my early school days we took sack lunches. There were no microwaves to heat foods. We could purchase little cartons of milk at school. Typical lunches back then consisted of some type of sandwich and a piece of fruit. My mother always had homemade cookies and a couple of them would be included. Her bread for the sandwiches was homemade as well.

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