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OMAHA STEAKS - a review

Food products from OMAHA STEAKS company are placed in sturdy and neat cardboard boxes for shipping. The boxes include black and burgundy colors & the Omaha Steaks company logo. The packaged food presentation is lovely.

Food products from OMAHA STEAKS company are placed in sturdy and neat cardboard boxes for shipping. The boxes include black and burgundy colors & the Omaha Steaks company logo. The packaged food presentation is lovely.

Omaha Steaks – A Review

Omaha Steaks – A Review

My family and I love Omaha Steaks company. We have ordered from Omaha Steaks Company occasionally for several years. Sometimes, my parents would send my family a box from Omaha Steaks, as a gift.

  • Boxes from Omaha Steaks company can be shipped directly to your home and are packaged very nicely in large sturdy Styrofoam containers packed with dry ice to keep everything frozen.
  • Inside the Styrofoam box with dry ice will be individual cardboard boxes with the Omaha Steaks company logo and design, the name of the product that the box contains and the nutritional information for the product.

Omaha Steaks Company offers a large variety of food products

Omaha Steaks company offers a wealth of variety in the assorted products. The food arrives frozen with instructions for how to heat them in the oven. The food is delicious and of gourmet restaurant quality. Get ready for a party in your mouth. It is an awesome gift to eat such delicious restaurant style food right at home.

Among my favorite items from Omaha Steaks company are

  • The stuffed filet of sole
  • Country fried steak
  • Potato croquets
  • Meatballs
  • Lobster tails
  • Bacon wrapped filet mignon
  • Cooked jumbo shrimp (with cocktail sauce)

And for desserts,

  • Molten lava cakes
  • Caramel apple tartlets

Steak, chicken cutlets, pork chops, & great seafood are all examples of food items provided by Omaha Steaks company

Believe it or not, the steak, chicken cutlets or pork chops are not my favorite items from Omaha Steaks. I prefer this example of seafood.: The stuffed filet of sole is a fish product that is especially one of my favorite products from Omaha Steaks company. Stuffed with crabmeat and breadcrumbs, this fish is so delicious. It is just the perfect tasting seafood dish.

When I unpack a box from Omaha Steaks company, I put everything directly into the freezer and think about what we are going to dig into first. After choosing an Omaha Steaks company item for dinner and heating it up in the oven, I am able to keep everything else super easy and inexpensive when it comes to the sides. I can readily and quickly cook a pot of rice to serve with steak for example.

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Omaha Steaks

Rice, peas, beans, carrots, green vegetables and salad are all examples of things that you can easily prepare and eat as side dishes to the various heat and serve main dishes from Omaha Steaks company. So, it is not at all difficult to create a filling and complete meal that includes the main dish indulgence provided by Omaha Steaks company. If you should decide though to get both your main dish and your side dishes from Omaha Steaks, then green bean casserole and glazed carrots are just two examples of delicious side dishes that you can potentially buy from Omaha Steaks. The crispy risotto bites are also really quite good.

The prices at Omaha Steak company are quite reasonable but shipping can be pricey. When you order from Omaha Steaks Company, shipping alone can be approximately $14.95-$16.95. That alone might make you a little skittish about ordering for delivery from Omaha Steaks Company, but generally, even if you have to pay for shipping and don’t get a good free shipping deal, the prices of the products are usually fair enough to offset the shipping costs.

Additionally, some select food item combos from Omaha Steaks ship for free so that might be more encouraging.

The company is very resourceful in marketing and you can stumble upon advertisements for Omaha Steaks relatively frequently especially in the coupon inserts in the newspaper. When the ad lists how many things you can get for a particular price, it can seem quite enticing. An example of an ad for Omaha Steaks will show a list of items you can get and what the price of everything will be together, $45 for example, not including shipping. Omaha Steaks company just has so many products that taste exquisite. Even their hot dogs are gourmet and taste exceptionally better than the average hot dog.

1. Video clip - Omaha Steaks - How to Grill a Filet Mignon (6 minutes on 1st side, 4-5 minutes on other side)

Ordering food from OMAHA STEAKS Company is a nice experience

Ordering from Omaha Steaks Company is such as nice experience that after the first time you order, you might want to place an order rather regularly or at least occasionally instead of just the one time. You might find yourself buying more from Omaha Steaks Company and less from your local supermarket on occasion.

Like I said, Omaha Steaks Company is very good at marketing and very good at convincing the buyers that they are getting terrific deals. The website for ordering with Omaha Steaks Company features closeout deals and “rock bottom” clearance prices on certain items. You are bound to say, “Oh that looks good. Maybe I’ll try that.” and when you do, you will not be disappointed at all.

2. Video clip - Cooking With Omaha Steaks - The Filet Mignon

Free items with your order from Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks is a company that will also offer a free item or items with a purchase of a certain amount. The free item(s) is usually very generous. There have been times during Holiday seasons over the years when I have received a free fully cooked large piece of ham with my Omaha Steaks order. I mention this free item from Omaha Steaks Company in my recipe hub discussing how to make ham fettuccine with Alfredo sauce.

Other items that you might potentially get for free with your order from Omaha Steaks include spices and seasonings. Omaha Steaks offers great steak seasoning. In addition to sprinkling it on meat, the steak seasoning can be sprinkled on baked potatoes or French fries for example.

3. Video clip - Omaha Steaks - ABC Action News

Desserts from Omaha Steaks

Ham and steak seasoning are not the only items that you can potentially get for free with your Omaha Steaks order. How about free dessert? Yes, it is possible to even get free dessert occasionally with an order from Omaha Steaks. A mini cheesecake is an example of something that I have received complimentary from the company in the past.

Generally the desserts from Omaha Steaks are very good. They are so rich and indulgent. The chocolate molten lava cake is an example of a very rich, moist and delicious dessert offered by Omaha Steaks.

  • I usually enjoy molten lava cake immensely. It is very decadent. When you break into a piece of chocolate molten lava cake with a fork you might find either a sweet cream filling or perhaps a chocolate syrup filling.

  • As for desserts from Omaha Steaks, the caramel apple tartlets are wonderfully good as well. These pastries are a toasty golden color with a bit of sugar crystals on the outside and inside, the apple is similar to the way that it tastes in apple pie.

So yes, those two things- chocolate molten lava cakes and caramel apple tartlets stand out most memorably as being the two desserts that I have personally enjoyed the most from Omaha Steaks company.

Overall, ordering from Omaha Steaks has been a splendidly pleasurable experience. Once heated and served on your dinner table, the food will taste comparable to that found in Steakhouses and other types of fine dining restaurants. You will enjoy serving your family these special meals of dinner and dessert. Of course, you can have many of these items at lunch time as well.

Now, don’t forget to look for special ads and coupons/ coupon codes regarding Omaha Steaks before you venture to the website to place your order. In my experience, you can potentially place orders by phone as well, with a customer service representative. Nevertheless, it might be more efficient for the company and preferred if you just order online. If you shop like I do, you will always be looking for the best available deal, so be sure to consider the select combos with free shipping offers, the “deal of the day”, “monthly special”, “overstock specials” or “value assortments” for example.

Have you ordered from Omaha Steaks before?

If you haven't ordered from Omaha Steaks before but are thinking about trying it,

Omaha Steaks

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