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Unripe Plantain Benefits Your Sex Drive and Sexual Health

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Green Plantain



According to both the World Book Encyclopedia and Americana, plantain is a common low pernicious weed or grass found in gardens. The weeds are more than 250 species. But the two most common scientific names of Platiago Major and Platiago Lanceolata bear the common names of garden grass and English Plantain respectively. "The name plantain", continue Americana, is equally applied "to the tropical plant Musa paradisiaca".
It can be prepared as a portion of food or herbal aphrodisiac to enhance sexual drive and health. Eat it boiled half in the raw state, roasted, or fried. You can barbecue it to improve your libido.


  1. Unripe plantain benefits sex drive and sexual health
  2. Clothing your plantain food.
  3. The plantain fruit.
  4. Who eats the plantain.
  5. Scientific classification.
  6. Difference between the plantain and the banana.
  7. More nutritional information.
  8. My experience.
  9. My experience with plantain.
  10. Think semen and increased sperm volume.
  11. My experiment.
  12. hick semen and increased sperm count.
  13. A typical plantain menu.
  14. Consuming unripe plantain.
  15. Potassium and magnesium in the plantain.
  16. My research.
  17. The Wister rat experiment research.
  18. Extension
  19. Conclusion.
  20. References.

Unripe Plantain Benefits for Sex Drive and Sexual Health

This article is about Musa paradisiaca. It's the common cooking banana and not the dessert banana.
As a teenager, I highly cherished the green or unripe plantain as a breakfast, launch, or supper. One distinguishing thing I noticed about the fruit is that it stimulated my reproductive organs.
So I made careful notes and observations. I apply these notes later when I got married to enhance my sexual prowess.
Eat it daily or weekly to get its sex-enhancing benefits.
⦁ Enhance sexual performances.
⦁ Fight erectile dysfunction.
⦁ Increase the quality and quantity of sperms.
⦁ Improved sex drive or mood in women.
⦁ Rejuvenate your sex organs.
⦁ Boost your testosterone and stimulate sperm cells.
⦁ And last, keep you in good sexual health.
Keep reading to benefit from these health tips.

Clothing Your Plantain Food

It has been said on authority that no food should go naked. It has to be clothed with essential herbs and spices. Okay, the below herbs and spices should go along with your plantain meals.
1. Celery. It's androstenone, a male hormone that makes a woman attracted to a man.
2. Garlic. Garlic is high in allicin and thins the blood. It increases blood flow to every part of the body.
3. Chili pepper. The capsaicin stimulates every nerve ending in the body.
4. Fig. It contains high amounts of amino acids increasing libido and sex drive.
5. Asparagus. High in vitamin E, thereby increasing blood and oxygen flow to the genital areas. Its high level of potassium help in producing the sex hormone.
6. Honey. Honey contains boron and controls hormone levels and nitric oxide. During arousal of, blood flow and open blood vessels that affect erections, the clitoris is engorged.

The Plantain Fruit

What or who is you to call the plantain rutabaga? What is you to make a comparison between the plantain and the vegetables or cereals?
Is the plantain a fruit? Of course, it's a fruit. If you dissect it lengthwise or transverse, you'll see that the core has numerous tiny black dots or seeds attached to the fruit. Any food that bears seeds even a single seed like the avocado is a fruit. You can eat it when cooked green or ripe. The ripe or unripe fruit can be made into a porridge.

A Dessert Banana Branching Out on Its Stem


Resistance Starch

The unripe plantain falls best within the class of carbohydrates called resistance starch. This means your body benefits better from its products "of short-chain fatty acids, increased bacterial mass, and promotion of butyrate-producing bacteria" after being digested. This confers a certain health benefit to the eater. So, it's good food for a diabetic person as the starch can't be digested in the stomach. It can't be eaten raw by mankind without being cooked unless it's ripe. It grows on a rhizome. Its smooth, elongated, and unbranched stem bear the inflorescence flowers.
The flowers when mature develop into a bunch of between 3 to 20 arms, each holding 5 to 10 fruits.

Who Eats the Plantain

"Unripe plantain helps to improve symptoms like erectile dysfunction. If you are thinking about enhancing your sex drive, I encouraged you to go for the unripe green plantain, or the partially ripen plantain, which cannot be digested if chewed increase the volume and quality of sperm" says Afolabi Adeosun.
The plantain is eaten all over the world. But it's almost tropical and sub-tropical fruit.
The Africans, Asia and its sub-continent, and the Caribbean countries eat the plantain on a variety of prepared menus. North and South America, and Latin America, also take a liking to eating the fruit.
The United States of America and the Europeans mostly eat the dessert banana. But will occasionally eat the ripe fruit, fried or chipped.

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Plantae.
Clade: Tracheophyta.
Clade: angiosperm.
Clade: Monocots.
Clade: Commelinid.
Order: Zingiberaceous.
Family: Musaceae.
Genus: Musa
Section: Musa sect Musa.
Species: M x paradisia.
Binomial name: Musa x paradisiaca

Fried Semi-Ripen Plantain with Gravy or Dip


Difference between Green Plantain and Dessert Banana

⦁ Plantain has more energy than dessert bananas. It is calculated that 100 grams of matured plantain contain 122 calories.
⦁ 100-gram plantain will give you 2.3 g of dietary fiber. This regulates and helps bowel movement.
⦁ Plantain contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than bananas.
⦁ Fresh plantain fruits carry more vitamin C than the dessert banana,
⦁ The potassium content is more than that in bananas, and this higher level in the green or unripe plantain rejuvenates the sex organs and enhanced the sex drive.
⦁ These differing factors make the plantain a higher food value than bananas.

A Bunch of Ripe Dessert Banana

Ripe plantain is being roast

Ripe plantain is being roast

More Nutritional Information

This is about the ripe plantain which has more sugar and less starch than the unripe fruit. one whole is 180 g.
Energy 220 calories.
Protein 2.3 g.
Carbohydrates 57 g.
Fats 0.6 g.
Dietary fiber 3.1 g.
Sugars 31.52 g.
Thiamin (B1) 0.112 mg.
Riboflavin (B2) 0.137.
Niacin (B3) 1.1210 mg.
Vitamin B6 0.436 mg.
Choline 24.3 mg.
Folate and folic acid respectively 39.60 mcg, zero folic acids.
Pantothenic acid
Vitamin C 33.1 mg.
Vitamin A 100.80 mcg.
Vitamin K 51.8 mcg.
Calcium 5.40 mg.
Iron 0.99 mg.
Magnesium 64.80 mg.
Phosphorus 57.60.
Potassium 64.80.
Selenium 2.70 mcg.
Sodium 7.20 mg.
Zinc 0.34 mg.
The last four minerals- potassium, selenium, sodium, and zinc highly stimulate the sex drive allowing blood to flow healthily.
Plantain also contains minute amounts of omega-6 fatty acids and palmitic acids that promoted heart health during intercourse.
According to Isabella Ferrari, a nutrition scientist, plantain contains "more vitamins and minerals and more fibers". Its potassium and magnesium contents are not comparable to that of rice or potatoes. This helps sexual hormone production.

Fried Plantain Cooking Time

Eating the Cooked Plantain Ripe or Unripe

My Experience

I grew up eating organic or natural foods, primarily fruits, and vegetables. Mangoes, oranges, carrots, dessert bananas and figs, grapes, and guavas.

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As a teenager, mangoes and guavas seems to be my favorite fruits. Eating mangoes helps me put on weight. But I began to notice the effects of guava on my reproductive system when I was between 13 to 15 years. The effects were significant because I would struggle between urinating and ejaculating when nature calls. I notice enormous think semen block my prepuce. But here I'll concentrate on my topic plantain enhancing sexual health.

Plantain Ready to Eat


Experience with Plantain

My mother a textile merchant and trader in general goods later change gear to become a trader in forest products. Plantain plus dessert bananas are a few of the tropical forest fruits she bought for sale. I had the privilege to cook, fry, or roast the green plantain for either breakfast or supper.
Semi-ripe plantains I barbecue for afternoon snacks. The green plantain I cooked with mullet or sardines, and savour with sweet basil.
Soon, my body began to absorb the meal well. As I regularly eat it in any form, I experienced changes in my reproductive organs in my late teens. I began to experience vital and frequent nocturnal emissions or seminal emissions during exams when time's up. Conscious of the fact that these emissions are due to the foodstuff I eat, I make notes of any special meal I ate in the day or night time. The plantain surpasses yams, potatoes, rice, bean, and bread.
The wet dreams rarely occurred if I ate the above-mentioned last five foods. Should emissions happen, it was on a very small scale and insignificant. And should I eat the green stuff for two consequent days, I had my trouser or pant wet with semen.

Thick Semen and Increased Sperm Volume

I continued to experiment with both the ripe and unripe plantains. The volume of sperms I ejaculated during my wet dreams or if I'm stressed during an exam period increased tremendously. The more I ate the plantain fruit regularly in the week, the more my semen production increased. I soon began my research into the question in later years to verify my experience with reproductive health.

A Typical Plantain Menu

The plantain is a tropical, sub-tropical, Caribbean, and Asiatic food. The way each nation and locality prepared the cooking plantain varied greatly with specific names. Here's not the place for that talk. Reproductive health is my concern.
I boiled my plantain for 20 minutes, thereby preserving 70% of phytonutrients including vitamins that are liable to be destroyed by much heat.
In the next talk, I show you how I cooked my unripe plantain for either breakfast or launch.


Here are the few ingredients you need:

1. 2 or 3 fingers matured green plantain fruit.
2. 1/2 teaspoon dried chili powder.
3. Red palm oil or substitute.
4. Dried or smoked fish. I prefer sardines od mullets.
5. Salt:1/4 teaspoon for seasoning.
6. Other seasonings: sweet basil, garlic, ginger, plus onions.

Cooking a Plantain


⦁ Wash the plantain in fresh running water.
⦁ Cut off the two edges with a knife.
⦁ Peel the plantain by making a slice 3-length-wise along the body so it can be easily peeled.
⦁ Put the plantain skin at the bottom of the pot, so that the starchy plantain is resting on the peels.
⦁ Add some water to the pot just enough to cover the peels, but not to immerse the fruit. It should be steamed on the peels.
⦁ Boil for 10 minutes.
⦁ Remove the peels and let the fruit now soak in the boiling water.
⦁ Put in the dried fish, pepper, a teaspoon of red palm oil, or a substitute.
⦁ Boiled for 7 minutes.
⦁ Add the dried seasonings and sliced onions. Boiled for 2 minutes.
⦁ Add the fresh sweet basil and boil for the last one minute.
⦁ It's done and removed from heat.
⦁ Serves 2 persons.
Now, put the cooked plantain on a plate, add some oil and enjoy it along with the pepper soup or thin soup. Enjoy the boat.

Peeling Plantains

Consuming the Unripe Plantain Food

I usually take the unripe plantain for breakfast or supper. On odd occasions, my snack is a semi-ripe roasted plantain with fish. A diet of unripe plantain meal 2 or 3 times in the week is a great advantage.
But variety is what counts-unripe, ripen, semi-ripen. And of course, varied the meal likewise: fried, porridge, roasted, cooked, chips, and so on daily if you want a serious improvement.
A person with erectile dysfunction should eat unripened plantain daily. Eat it as a breakfast meal. snack it tomorrow or eat it for supper. Variety is what counts and that's what life is. Eat it today. Eat it as a breakfast meal. snack it tomorrow or eat it for supper. Variety is what counts and that's what life is.

Cooking Black Plantain

Patassium and Magnessium in Plantain

The unripened plantain contained a higher and unique level of potassium, magnesium, and a good format of selenium. These minerals together with vitamin A, B-complex, and vitamin C are 'testeron' boosting and stimulating sperm cells.
There is a natural herbal aphrodisiac that not only treats or rejuvenates sexual dysfunction but improves the sex drive and enhanced it to some degree.

Having a Plantain Meal or Substitute

My Research

I read through books and browse websites to verify my experiences. I gathered that the green plantain or the semi-ripe ones sustain sexual health. It can maintain erection and increase sperm count and volume. I found the below experiment helpful and verified my claims.

The Wister Rat Experiment Research

A. S. Alabi et al, the effects of Musa paradisiaca on 'semen quality of adult male Wister rats' was demonstrated to prove that plantain improves the sex act.
Unripe plantain flour was dissolved into 2 ml of double-distilled water for oral administration.
The male Wister rats are grouped into three groups-the control group, the low dose group, and the higher dose group.
The solution or medicinal nutrients from the plantain mixture were administered as follows:
⦁ The control group was given 2 ml of double-distilled water.
⦁ The low-dose groups were given 500 mg/kg/day of the distilled plantain mixture.
⦁ The high dose group was given 1000mg/kg/day of plantain fruit flour that is dissolved in 2 ml of double-distilled water.
It was observed that they were a "significant increment in semen parameters" in the rats that received low dose than in the rats that received high doses of the plantain mixture.
The study helps to conclude that Musa paradisiaca should be eaten regularly in moderate quality so that it can boost and enhance libido in both males and females.

Extending the Resaerch Findings

It's a pity that the research findings did not extend to human beings like the Professor Hopkins experiment with rats on milled rice, and then on the unmilled rice.
We do know that when the rats began to recover from being given unmilled rice stuff, it was extended to the sick persons in the military hospital to verify the claim and pass the test, which benefits mankind to date.

Critically, the size of the rats was not comparable to humans. Weigh for weighing, a person weighing 60 kg will need more than 500 mg/kg/day of the distilled plantain flour mixture.
Seriously, a moderate size of 180 g of cooked plantain is enough to serve two persons.


The plantain or cooked banana is a unique fruit. Some have not realized that it can be treated as an aphrodisiac remedy. It's because it's only noted as a portion of ordinary common food.
A meal of unripe plantain clothed with local spices like cloves, onions, garlic, and ginger, could be the answer to erectile dysfunction, and low sperm count.
Now that you have the tips at hand, go treat a plantain for a meal at home. And be sure to coat the meal with some aphrodisiac spices as well.


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