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New Waste-food Save Technique Created by Europe -Too Good to Go



Food-Waste Issue Affected all World

All over the world, many people face food insufficiencies. There are millions of people worldwide who sleep without food or with insufficient food every day, and this problem varies wildly by country. As a result of the number of people suffering from starvation around the world, food waste is also considered an issue on a global scale.

In developing countries, around 800 million people do not have access to food in the same way as those in developed countries. This means that 1 in 9 people worldwide is starving or malnourished. In the 22nd century, there is a very strange and horrible problem of people dying of insufficient food. This is reported in many places around the world. On the other hand, we lose agricultural land because there is a lot of conversion of agricultural land into residential areas. Therefore, the production of agro-based products is going to decline day after day, and all countries are faced with a food crisis. But on the other hand, many people throw away food at weddings, parties, etc. People throw away their leftover food in the garbage, and they won't hesitate even if it is very bad for the environment. This wasted food is not distributed to any needy person.

People in our neighborhood need food, but we ignore them and dispose of their food in the garbage. There are many people in the world who do not have enough food, but we do not care about them or their diets. In Europe, every year 88 million tons of food is wasted because we throw away all this food. If you think about how much food we throw away and how many people survive on this food, we do not have time for thinking about this, That. stop Wasting Food.

Do you know the Empire State Building in New York? This is a very big and heightened building this 102-floor building. So just think, 35 buildings just like Empire State are broken after that remaining building waste material quantity. You see how’s much this is big the wasted food quantity just like that, and every year 88 cr tone of food we are wasting. So just assume in your mind how much people get the food to survive and how many stops this food insufficient issue. However, this is not possible because we are not thinking about how we can stop this.

Stop wasting food


Europe created 'SURPLUS FOOD APPS'

Currently, Europe is experiencing a food crisis, and the number of food-insecure people is increasing daily. But Europe creates simple and easy solutions to these problems.

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Startups in Europe created 'SURPLUS FOOD APPS' that provide food for every needy person by using the app. This is an incredibly innovative and helpful method for saving food and helping people in need. In 2020, create some food safety laws in Europe. By this law, the food wastage percentage is going to be down before 2030. By this law, the government guides or counsels sellers, customers, and general people about food-wasting food and its effects and precautions. It is based on the concept of food safety.

There are a few active non-profit organizations in food safety that have already started food applications, and the government regularly provides huge funds and resources for these apps and concepts. Through this app, they updated and informed everyone about food waste, the quantity of remaining food, and other food-related services. In these services some services are free, and some services are varied at low prices.

This app makes a lot of money. Food makers, general people, and customers are together under this app. On some food, packets mentioned some instructions like Best before one year, six months, five days sometimes some foods' expire dates are very close just on hours, that’s meaning this is not a portion of waste food but most of the peoples not purchasing any food from the shop which expires date are very close. But on these apps, you have this type expiration date food purchase or eat you do not have any such type of problems and harmfulness, on this basis this apps give these types of assurance and they personally tested all expiry food then they serve and sell to the public, on this way they help customers and sellers because they all product sell on this app on heavy discount and as well as stop food wasting.

In Europe, lots of people use this concept. In the last few months, this app's user base has increased by 3 cr. Customers download this application. Currently, in Europe, Too good to go, Olio, Fenix’s, and food applications are very popular. We just thought about the ‘Too good to go 'application. Currently, this application has 3 cr subscribers. America's last President Mr. Barak Obama and Mr. Jo Bayden both appreciated these apps and concepts.

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