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Chicken or Turkey So Tender That It Falls Off the Bone!


Chicken or Turkey... You Decide!

This is a great meal that is easy to prepare and works great with both chicken and turkey! The directions are the same so pick whichever you prefer and get ready for some delicious, fall-off-the-bone poultry. The bird in the cooker up above was cooked on the low setting for a full twelve hours. I like when the bones just fall to the bottom of the pot when you touch the bird.

How Is This Recipe Different? The Three Peppers!


I love these bell peppers! The yellow, orange and red peppers are more flavorful than the green peppers and add a dash of color to you dish. Buying them in the bag like this, you are more likely to get a better deal. In most cases a three-pack will cost just slightly more than two individual peppers. Be sure to wash them well!

This recipe lets the slow cooker do a lot of the work! I feel this is much easier than my other chicken recipe! While both are good, this is just another one of my own concoctions that ended up being way better than I thought it would be.

I prepared this as a dinner for two expecting leftovers. If you're cooking for more, just increase the portions based on the number who will be eating and whether you would like some for later.



  • 1 whole chicken or turkey
  • 3 bell peppers, chopped
  • 1 package baby carrots
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 1/2 stick butter
  • white pepper, to taste

Some Notes Before We Begin

This meal is super easy with just a tad of spice but not really spicy. I add chopped onions because I really like the flavor, but they are optional if you are not a fan of onions or would prefer less tang. Just one taste and even your kids will be hooked! Not only is it delicious, it is very healthy and high in natural vitamins.

I use baby carrots because I have shoulder inpingments in both shoulders, so it's a lot to peel and cut up full size carrots. These little gems are perfect for me, but there is no reason you could not use regular size carrots chopped up instead.

This might be considered a higher cholesterol dinner but removing the skin from the bird can reduce the cholesterol by almost 10 percent. I prefer to keep the skin, but it can be very messy, so I like to use gloves. I stuff whatever I want to flavor the bird with between the skin and the meat. It makes the dish even more flavorful.

Leafy Tops Only!


When preparing the parsley, I take off any of the leafy parts that are not perfect and remove the stems. Though I do not use these parts in my food, they still contain a lot of vitamins and iron. Be sure to wash the parsley well then put inside the bird. The vitamins will go directly into your meat naturally while cooking. Some people may actually eat the parsley while others do not, but everyone will benefit nutritionally.


Filling Up the Bird!

Next, I smash up about a quarter stick of butter and mix it with some of the peppers and chopped onion. I use real butter myself, but you can use a lower cholesterol substitute if you prefer. I fill the bird up with this mixture. The butter helps things float around and move as it melts.


Getting Under The Bird's Skin


I also take some of the peppers and onions and place it between the skin and the meat of the bird. This will surround the meat with flavor and really make a tasty dish.

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Now is also a good time to sprinkle in the white pepper. It adds that splash of pepper that's not too strong. I do not add salt, letting those eating the bird decide if they want to add some or not. Personally, I do not think it needs any salt, but you can add some at this point on the preparation if you disagree.

An Important Part of Preperation!


As I mentioned, you don't have to use bottled spring water. I live far into the country and aw, I really rather use fresh bottled water than well water. So I do already have ONE bottle of it simmering in the bottom.

Now I have one more quarter stick of butter that I've sliced and placed equal amounts of ALL my ingredients to cover the bottom of my cooker.

Sometimes I go a bit heavier with the parsley. I think people just don't realize how healthy it really is. It's not just a side dish decoration as seen on many restaurant dinners and menu's.

  • The bottom is also important because it gives the bird something under it so it's not sitting directly on the heat source. As well as the bottom of the bird where a lot of the dark meat is, also gets good flavoring.

This is just the bottom of the slow cooker!


Just a reminder...

This is just one layer - but cover that bottom!

You don't want to take up too much room in the cooker. But remember heat rises and everything is cooking bottom to top.

  • These flavors and vitamins are going to simmer up through the bottom, through the whole bird and that top is going to keep it dripping right back down!

The White Pepper - no chopping due!


Now comes your choice, or asking the family...

Here is that pepper choice!

I take another softened quarter stick of butter, sprinkle the white pepper in it or even other seasonings that you might like. and I rub it all over the bird as if I was bathing it in seasonings and buttery flavoring!

Remember you already have the peppers and onions under the skin so it will hold in that seasoning too! Some people like the skin and it can be a great choice for those to take it off and put it in a slightly buttered frying pan with a few onion pieces and make the skin crispy.

  • Some people (in my family) love it when the skin has been peeled off and cut into small pieces and with the butter & onion, fried crispy, and drizzled over the top of their mashed potatoes! This is more of a "Southern Style" flavorful cooking. If you know anything about the south, there's no such thing as too much frying!

And butter makes things stick well!


Yep, right where you want more flavor...

Now that the butter smeared around you can place your color (taste choice in peppers) wherever you might want your cut of the bird! Still try to get everything as even as possible, and spread throughout the whole bird, on his knee bones and wings as well.

  • Isn't there always that family member who likes those parts?

If you haven't already, or want more, go ahead and sprinkle any other spices or pepper you'd like on it now, it will stick to the butter and ultimately, melt down the bird, and if it's under the skin, down into the meat!

The baby carrots! Perfect bite size!


Of course use the carrots of your choice, but for some reason I just love the baby carrots that are a perfect bite size and need such little preparation!

These little baby ones are always "spot" free and ready to cook! I just always wash everything! That's just me!

One thing is carrots tend to want to swim to the top and if you're adding green beans (I prefer Italian cut because they're flat - and good) you decide if you want them separate or mixed!

  • If you like them separate, then just put them at one end and the beans at the other end. If you have someone who doesn't want one or the other, then it's always very easy to use a cooking bag to put the beans in. The carrots, as we know need to be submerged in the water so they end up super soft!
  • If you want the beans with their own flavor them use the cooking bag as it is just set it in the water on the opposite end! If you'd like them to have the flavors that the rest of the meal will have, then just use the sharp end of a knife and poke a few holes in the bag with the beans! That way they stay separate, but get the flavors! Of course if you want and skip the holes, remember to either add butter or salt to taste unless you just like them as they come!

Carrots Around the Bottom! -important!!!!


Carrots so soft Grampa don't need his teeth!

By putting the carrots around the bottom, and even maybe sticking a few up under the edges they fit easily, they are staying on the bottom. This way when they're cooked you're not coming up with that carrot with one place on it that isn't so soft that it doesn't melt in your mouth!

Use the correct cooking time and there is NO actual chewing they are so tender! I stand by my years of cooking carrots to know it drives me bonkers to no end to have a carrot that isn't soft!

On the top, BEANS DON'T GET LOST! :)


Slowly fill the cooker to almost cover the WHOLE BIRD!

I'm not a big fan of cooking with wine, but the right flavor could put a little extra zing in this! If you do occasionally use wine, as you know white with white meat, and your choice!
The peppers, onion and seasonings are sure to add all the zip you need for this meal!

At the top, the moisture will drip down on the center during cooking time!


Remember it is only my choice to use the spring bottled water as I do live in the country. It's not necessary everywhere!

If you want this ready by your dinner time, this is a 12-15 hour meal! I added the extra 3 hours because it will not burn and you have no worries of that happening!

You want to put this on the LOWEST SETTING. Remember you have already simmered the water & butter on the bottom so it was already getting warm!

Set it on to cook around 6am. As hard as it will be once the aroma begins to fill your house the ONLY thing the lid should come up for is if you need to add any water to it, but I have never had to do that. The water soaks into the meat and drips back off the top inside and it's going into the meat! Making it the most tender and juicy meat you've ever had! If you eat dinner around 6pm, everyone should be home and by then you can whip up any other side dish such as potatoes or your choice.

Your family will love this, and you'll love how little work goes into such a huge dinner!

  • Never a dry turkey or chicken again!

I LOVE my slow cooker, it's amazing for this and other meals!

Is this new to you or have you already been there/done that?


Katharella (author) from Lost in America on April 03, 2011:

OH I totally believe you that eating the right things help keep you healthy! I knew a girl who wanted a "super cleanse" lol herself and ate a hole garlic clove alone! I'm sure her breath wasn't much to be desired lol, but she said it sure did the job! She gave me more detail than I'll leave here :) :ahem: but I'm with you on eating these things for our health! Now if I could stay away from the Vanilla milk shakes I'd be better off LOL! I've never tried making a cake in one, but wow, sounds good! I just might try it next time!! After all, if mine don't work how bad can it go! Thanks for the tip! :)

SweetiePie from Southern California, USA on April 02, 2011:

This recipe looks great. I love making things in my crock pot. I have roasted chickens, made apple desserts, and even baked a chocolate cake in my slow cooker. The chocolate cake was so moist and decadent in the slow cooker that it tasted like it had frosting on top, even though it did not. Oh and I have to add my penchant for eating onions, peppers, and garlic has prevented me from getting a cold this winter, I truly believe that. Everyone around me has been hacking with all the horrible viruses, and I have been healthy.

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on March 31, 2011:

Ha! Hey Katharella- now were partying on your lawn;).

Oh I love the peppers, i never use green, I hate green peppers. but any other color I love! I make stuffed peppers with the orange, red and yellow! I'll have to share my turkey meatloaf with roasted red pepper sauce for topping! I bet you'd love that one. My kids even love that!

I'm trying to be more health conscious though, and I did NOT know the tip about the vitamins! This is way cool!

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on March 31, 2011:

Ha! Hey KathRella now were partying on your lawn;).

Oh I love the peppers, i never use green, I hate green peppers. Ut any other color I love! I make stuffed peppers with the orange, red and yellow! I'll have to share my turkey meatloaf with roasted red pepper sauce for topping! I bet you'd love that one. My kids even love that!

I'm trying to be more health conscious though, and I did NOT know the tip about the vitamins! This is way cool!

Katharella (author) from Lost in America on March 31, 2011:

LOL@Mimosa! Oh, BBG, the thing with this is the butter ON the top holds the peppers in place! Otherwise it slides off! lol

RH: OH, in a slow cooker.. it's so great, because you put this together, put it on low, and by dinner the next day, when you snag that first bit of chicken off with tongs (the bigger roundish kind) the mean literally falls apart! Same with Turkey. I believe it gives Turkey a better taste, but I love chicken too! Those yellow peppers.. oh they can make almost anything have a zip to the taste without being too peppery!

It's too bad Mom in law of BBG doesn't like peppers, but she could always do the same and substitute with just veggies! And the parsley, I never eat, but leave the bits big enough to pick out, but it's very high in iron, and Vitamin K. So that's the less vitamins it takes out from the water if it's cooked INSIDE the bird! (ew, I don't like saying "th bird".. sounds like it came from the yard lol)

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on March 31, 2011:

Yeah - here it is! Thanks for this one! I seriously love to cook! I read this the moment you wrote it - I was just not a super hero yet and a little shy:). Now I've read it twice but I have to go! Someone said Mimosa!

Stacy Harris from Hemet, Ca on March 13, 2011:

I have a feeling you are overly obsessed with butter... lol... I will definately have to try this. Unfortunately, it will be awhile because my Mother-in-law doesn't like peppers of any sort. And it definately can't touch any food that she is eating. Oh well, I will add it to my collection!

Adam from Tennessee on March 10, 2011:

It looks delicious. And hey, 17 photos! Nice. I'm not a big fan of cooking with wine, either. I prefer to drink it. (I know, wine means your looking for meaningless sex. lol.) And I don't like turkey, so I'd have to go with chicken. I bet my dog would like this, too.

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