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My McDonald's Rant

The year I was born

The year I was born

Original sizes offered

Original sizes offered

Any for a buck

Any for a buck

The large iced coffee now

The large iced coffee now

Remember when...

I remember being in junior high and the first couple of years of high school when you could go to McDonald's, order a hamburger plus fries and regular drink and actually get change back from the dollar you offered to pay for your meal.

Just a side note, I am not even a grandmother yet. My oldest child is 24 years old, I always said I would not turn into my mother, but now feel that is exactly what I am doing.

My favorite menu item now at McD's is actually a drink. I love iced coffee and they have good iced coffee. You used to be able to get a large (I mean a real actual large drink, just like the size you get in their soda offerings) and it cost you around $2.89 or a little more. Good price and good size.

They had to go and change things up. McDonald's is all about several different target audiences. They have unique offerings for those who are not concerned about saving a buck, they have family offerings and value offerings for people and families on a budget and they have their core products for people who do not like change.

If the iced coffee was a core product we would not have to worry, but this is not the case. McDonald's has been offering any size hot coffee or a large sweet tea for $1.00 (just a buck) for quite a while now. Last summer they started offering any size iced coffee for $1.00 as well. Let me tell you, that was a sweet deal! I actually started trying some of the other value menu items from time to time and did not mind stopping in to get an iced coffee several times a week. I do not have a lot of disposable income, but if I felt like having a drink it was either going to be a 99¢ Arizona Green Tea in a can or a large McDonald's Iced Coffee for a buck!

Well McDonald's has penny-pinched themselves right out of my business. They have shrunk the size of their large iced coffee cup to what used to be the small iced coffee. They made us an offer that was hard to believe and then took it back by shrinking the deal. You can't even get the larger size cup anymore because they "would not be able to charge you for that size since the registers are programmed."

When I drive, I like having one drink cup and it better be a big one. I drive 75 minutes to work each day and 75 minutes back. If I have to purchase two cups just to get the same amount I got before, then I won't even bother, I would rather spend the money I did before to get the big one. I don't need a cup carrier for extra cans of tea, but I do for extra fast food drink cups and lo and behold, my Dodge Neon only has one that is convenient to the driver. Besides that, you can get refills on the coffee and sweet tea if you dine in, but not on the iced coffee, even though both of those are only a dollar as well.

McDonald's is your kind of place

Does size matter?


Marla J Neogra (author) from Parkersburg, West Virginia on June 04, 2016:


Sorry it took so long to accept your comment. Here in WV the size got smaller more than a year ago. At least right now they are selling them for .99 here as a Manager Special at most (but not all) of the locations in Parkersburg.

Mary on May 11, 2016:

I got an large iced coffee yesterday and commented to the girl that is not the large. She got all snotty to me and said it says large on the cup!! I knew I wasn't crazy because just last week it was much larger cup.

Marla J Neogra (author) from Parkersburg, West Virginia on January 16, 2016:

Actually, for shakes my favorite is Steak & Shake. We have one in town and they have "happy hour" from about 2pm to 5pm 1/2 price shakes. A great treat for hubby and me once in a while. :)

Nate on September 24, 2015:

They did the same thing with thier shakes I used to love to go to Mcdonalds in the 80's and into the mid 90's to get a large vanilla shake and It was large. Id swear it was damn near a quart. The cup they had was giant and I loved it. then they started changing and making the cups smaller and now with this McCafe BS the large vanilla shake is about what the small used to be but the price is still high. SO I stopped going there anymore Anyway its better for my health . The thing is is that these big companies think the consumers are all stupid and dont notice these things but we do

Nate on September 24, 2015:

They did the same thing with thier shakes

Life and Luxury from South Beach, FL on March 07, 2014:

I enjoyed your article. I know how important coffee can be to people. My husband is a pot-a-day kind of guy. Man, I remember when McDonald's was just a plain old fast food place. I remember in the early 80s when their newly introduced salads were tasteless and their chicken nuggets were gristly. Those were the days.

healthy meals from Europe on March 07, 2014:

I actually think that it is good to have the sizes reduced. American have far too big portions of everything everywhere, which added to a sedentary life (driving everywhere, etc) is not good for your health. A coffee can be good -don't take wrong, I love a coffee- but large amounts of coffee loaded with sugar and fats outside mealtimes cannot be good for your health or figure.