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Must Have Cooking Utensils for Single Households

Must Have Cooking Utensils for Single Households

Yes, even if you are single and living alone, you still need cooking appliances and cooking utensils, because you still eat (that's a given) and at times you can't go out because of the weather and you need to cook. The trend nowadays in an industrialized world and fast modernizing one is to live solo until the time when you finally settle down. This is mostly true in developed countries where you are also expected to leave the parents household upon reaching the age of accountability, for some it is 18 years old.

A typical solo person living alone always eat outside because it is more expensive to cook than to eat out. It is different when you start to live with for example a roommate. Some are lucky if your apartment is fully furnished, but if you own the house and start from scratch, I am providing here a short list of basic cooking utensils and cutlery you must have. I have been living solo most of my life until I was married, divorced, then I lived solo again. I hope after reading this hub -- Must Have Cooking Utensils for Single Households -- you find it useful.

cookware set - a must have cooking utensil for every household whether for solo living or family living


Must Have Cooking Utensils for Single Households

Some apartments are fully furnished and the apartment includes kitchen appliances like microwave and oven plus the fridge. Some even provide complete appliances in general. If this is not the case you need to invest in some basic cooking utensils, cutlery and cooking appliances.

Cooking appliances and utensils depends on what type of foods you prefer : There are cookimng appliances for every kinds of food you prefer :

  • baked foods -- toaster oven, oven, crock pot
  • grilled, roasted or barbecued foods  -- grilling or barbecue grills
  • stew -- oven
  • fry or dry foods
  • rice  -- rice cooker, clay pot

Mostly when one is living alone it is mostly basic cooking utensils and cooking appliances plus cutlery. Adjustment for when one is expecting a visitor and you might want to cook for them.

Must have Cooking appliances :

  • oven, microwave - yes of course, one grilling pan,
  • grill iron or barbecue grill (the small one), you might never know when friends drop by for a beer and you fancy outdoor
  • rice cooker or clay pot for stews or rice cooking

Basic Kitchen and Cooking utensils must have :

  • six pairs of cutlery like spoons and forks and a ladle
  • set of knives including spatula
  • for baking -- measuring cups and spoons and sizes of baking pans (different sizes), mixer, whisker
  • bowls for mixing and salads comes in different sizes
  • glasses six at the minimum (adjust for visitors)
  • wine glass
  • chopping board
  • sieves, strainer

Cooking pans

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  • They come in different sizes but it is advisable if you buy the complete set of cookware as you can always use the rest if there are some other visitors in the house plus they go with all the sizes so you can use the small ones for your own solo cooking

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I like cake :)

JoanWit3 from OR on July 07, 2010:

This is great. With the age you realize that you have a lot of dishes! Once you needed this and got it... once you wanted to try that kind of dish but had to buy other type of cookware... yeah... but still, I am all for it - it is very handy and gives an enthusiastic chef freedom for a great exploration!

Cassandra Mantis from UK and Nerujenia on June 16, 2010:

I love my pancake pan, and I use it to make lovely omlettes! My oven has a flaw in that the metal grill that I put my pizzas on has gaps between the bars that are too wide, so I bought a grill with narrow bars that holds more of the pizza, if you get moi drift! Heh! Anyway, you really cover the bases here, Maita! Well done! All apartment owners should have a copy of your hub! : )

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on June 15, 2010:

I think you covered the single person's needs very well.

dkrainwater from Sheridan, Wyoming on June 15, 2010:

I got to hide this hub from my wife. She would find something we don't have and I would have to buy it:)

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