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Mouth-Watering, Hot Chili's Great Anytime of Year Homemade Recipe

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This is the ultimate result of some delicious homemade chili.

This is the ultimate result of some delicious homemade chili.

There's hardly a place in this country that when you mention chili, a half-dozen strangers will tell you either the best restaurant where to eat it, or they will instruct you on how to make it. Briefly, people love chili. Warm, hot, super-hot, chili is the "King of Comfort Food," and there is not a food that can considered a competitor.
Now. If you want good chili, the homemade chili, in my honest viewpoint, is the best. And while this is not a knock on restaurants that cook chili, I only speak from my personal experience.

And you will find that along with the many temperatures that people love about their chili, there are as many names of the homemade chili as there are recipes. I can only share the names of the homemade chili that I know, because there are too many to be named. There is "Bama Screamer," "Texas Torch," "Honest-to-God Chili" (made famous by the western icon, Wyatt Earp, and "Sudden Happiness."

Like I said. There are many out there. But the only name of my homemade chili that I am concerned is in my headline. So let's move on to the "meat" (no pun intended) of this tasty recipe.

This is some of the hottest chili pepper in the world: Cayenne.  Be forewrned.

This is some of the hottest chili pepper in the world: Cayenne. Be forewrned.

The first three paragraphs speak to the point about my chili being great 'anytime,' is because there is not one or two months of whatever season to love chili. I know folks who eat chili i the middle of July as well as the coldest time of the year: January. Chili, and mine included, (I must brag some) is that good.

My homemade chili is that that tough to make. Really. It's easier than you think. If you are making this chili for you or your companion or for a house full of friends who love to eat chili and have a good night, then you are in great shape. In a few short minutes, your "ticket to paradise," will be given to you.

Before we go any further, this recipe, I say 'mine,' is not that accurate because my late daughter, Angie, created the recipe and I only tweaked it a bit, but not much.

Angie was the light of our lives. She went home to Heaven in Feb. 16, 2011, from a sickness in her lungs that didn't go away. She gave us a pot of this chili and our then-pastor came by to eat chili and he could not talk for a few minutes because of the heat. I am not kidding. But Iam going to share the recipe with you and Angie's recipe took more than the one I'm giving you here, because I used on the basic ingredients, but I tell you, this chili is hot and delicious.


⦁ One pound of ground chuck (more depending on you, your companion, children or friends.

⦁ One diced (greatly) white onion.

⦁ One large piece of garlic.

⦁ Two diced hot garden pepper.

⦁ Three diced Cayenne red chili pepper.

⦁ Three diced Habanero pepper (depending on how hot the group votes for).
⦁ One or two diced bell pepper.

⦁ Four spoonfuls of Cayenne pepper powder.

⦁ Three spoonfuls of Garlic powder.

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⦁ One half spoonful of salt substitute.

⦁ One spoonful of Black Pepper.

⦁ 10 to 15 teaspoons (measure carefully) Frank's Insanity Sauce (primarily used for hot wings).

⦁ 3 cans of Mexican style stewed tomatoes.

⦁ 3 cans of dark Kidney Beans (can be left out if people do not want "just" chili.).

⦁ Two spoonfuls of Worcestershire sauce.


Put your ground chuck in a pan and let brown; season with salt and black pepper. When meat is brown, put into a large pot with all of the (above) ingredients added slowly and stir as you drop the ingredients. Then add bottom full of water. Stir again. When all of the ingredients is now stewing, put on low heat and let simmer for Six Hours, for that great and yet, hot chili that everyone will love. (Depending on put) Serves Six.

I doubt seriously if you have any of this great chili left.

Before we used Angie's Chili Recipe, two years ago, my buddies and I made some "Honest-to-God" chili mix and fixings. This was rumored that this chili (Wyatt Earp's) let it sit in an iron skillet for one full day. The reason why is because before Earp started to eat this tasty dish, he was called away on a bit of law work.

If you do come out with left-overs, you can put the remainder in a freezer bag and freeze it for another time.

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This makes me so hungry.

This makes me so hungry.

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