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Most Gross Foods in the World

American Caviar

Idaho Sturgeon Eggs

Idaho Sturgeon Eggs

The world's grossest food is as unappealing as it is tasteless. This article will examine the weirdest most nastiest foods and cuisines found around the globe.

We will look at food dishes from Asia to Europe, America and the Latin world. These stomach churning cuisines will definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth. Here are the worst foods that some people find appetizing.


America has numerous delicious cuisines but there are some delicacies that are eaten in the United States that will surely make you gag. These insanely gross foods will have you questioning the stomach of some Americans.

Tennessee The Fat Elvis Sandwich

The sandwich is named after the rock icon Elvis Presley. It is a sandwich made of peanut butter, banana and bacon.

Let's just say, if the music legend was living, he surely wouldn't be impressed by this awful appetizer.



Chitlins or chitterlings are an American soul food dish. It is basically pig intestines cooked with various spices. The dish is most popular in the American south which is known for its variety of strange and non appealing food dishes.


Spam America's Worst Can Food

Spam is can meat on steroids. The fact that some Americans actually eat this stuff is pretty laughable.

The can good is most suitable for a pet than it is an actual person.


Mississippi Koolickle

The southern part of the United States continues to amaze those of us from the east coast. Pickles soaked in kool Aid anyone?

In the state of Mississippi, It is a common dish that many locals enjoy.


West Virginia Fried Squirrel

If you love to eat roadkill than west Virginia has got you covered. Some residents of the state actually enjoy fried squirrel which sounds pretty gross to most people but don't tell the weirdos in west Virginia that. They may get offended.

I'm pretty sure most West Virginians dont enjoy fried squirrel but for the ones that do, they are the complete air heads.


North Carolina Livermush

The American south is here again with another gross dish. The dish consist of animal brain pieces, liver and cornmeal. North Carolina why? Just why?

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South Carolina Pig Ears

If you thought North Carolina was pretty bad in cooking up gross foods, check out South Carolina most delightful dish, pig ears. The stomach churning cuisine is popular in some parts of the state which is shocking.


Fried Rattle Snake

Some mid westerners belive consuming a rattlesnake is appetizing. They love eating the reptile corpse. Deep fried rattlesnake is also a beloved dish unfortunately in some areas of the U.S



Asian has some of the weirdest and grossest cuisines on earth. There are many awesome Asian dishes but the ones below are not among the most celebrated in the world.

Most people can't stomach such madness of these insanely gross cuisines.

Japan Shirako- Fish Semen

Japan is a beautiful country but some of the nation's food choices is among the worst in the world. Fish semen also known as Shirako is widely prepared in restaurants and is also sold in markets. Some times the dish is even eaten raw or deep fried with tempura or served over rice.


Korea Sannakji Live Octopus

Koreans top the list for gross with this crazy disgusting dish known as Sannakji which is live octopus chop in bite size pieces and consumed raw. Apparently, some Koreans are unconcerned about food poisoning


Vietnam Coconut Worms

In some parts of Vietnam, eating worms is perfectly fine. Coconut worms which grow in coconut trees throughout the region is a popular dish in the city of Hanoi, Vietnam. Some of the locals enjoy infusing spices with worms. It sounds pretty gross. I must say come on Vietnam, what on earth are you thinking?


Japan Tuna Eyeballs

Japan makes the list again, this time with tuna eyeballs. It is commonly served as a snack in the region. The eyeballs are usually sauteed or braised before consumption. The incredibly non appetizing dish is also eaten in some parts of China.


Japan Wasp Crackers

Japan oh Japan, here again with a stomach churning dessert. Yes, cookies infused with wasp bugs.

The dessert is apparently known for its nutritional value and buttery taste. However, many wasp crackers lovers seem to complain about the insects legs and other body parts getting stuck in their teeth.

Unbelievable, how do people eat such grossness?


Vietnam and Philippines Balut

Balut is a crazy horrible cuisine eaten in Vietnam and the Philippines. The dish is fertilize duck eggs that are preserve for a couple of weeks.

It is eaten by cracking the shell open and consuming the beak and numerous other organs of the unborn duck. Seems too offensively gross for most people, but in some parts of Asia, it is a hugely popular food item. The gross dish is often sold by street vendors thoughout Vietnam and the Philippines.


Skuon, Cambodia Fried Tarantula

Fried Tarantula may seem inconceivable but in some parts of Cambodia, it is a alluring food dish. Eating a gross poisonous spider is quite disturbing but don't tell the locals in Skuon that. They find the delicacy quite good.



Europe is a wonderful continent with many great dishes however, some cuisines are among the worst in the world. How do anyone eat these gross food disasters is beyond logic?

Scotland Haggis

The country of Scotland may be gorgeous but there is one weird food item that tops the list of gross. Haggis also known as sheep stomach is consumed by some people in Scotland. The dish is prepared with oatmeal and other parts of the sheep such as the liver and heart.


Italy Casu Marzu

Italian cuisine is among the best in the world but this atrocious dish will definitely make you sick.

Casu Marzu is century old cheese that is infested with maggots. However, some Italians love the disgusting diary item.


The Latin World

The latin world has so many amazing food options but unfortunately this next dish is not one of them.

Mexico Chapulines

Oaxaca, Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches and tasty delicacies but this god awful dish will have you in disbelief.

Chapulines is grasshoppers from Mexico. It is often eaten as a side dish. The recipe is usually prepared using garlic, salt and chili. Some Oaxaca locals love including the horrible item in its burritos and tacos.



Rachel L Alba from Every Day Cooking and Baking on June 23, 2021:

Wow, LOL I haven't even heard of some of those things. I can't bet my life on it but I'd venture to say, even if I were starving, I wouldn't eat those things. It was all very interesting though. Thanks for sharing.

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