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Moose Tracks vs Bluebell Happy Tracks Ice Cream

THE Ice Cream

You know from a previous blog that I love ice cream. Moose Tracks Ice Cream is my favorite. You can find it at your local Walgreen Store in the frozen section of the cooler. Moose Tracks ice cream is a blend of vanilla ice cream, ribbons of chocolate and a slight hint of peanut butter. Yum!

Moose Tracks ice cream satisfies the chocolate craving and provides an interesting variety of tastes and flavors in its recipe. It is easy to purchase and very economical. My last half gallon of Moose Tracks ice cream cost a mere four dollars. There is also a pint size container for the ice cream fanatic who needs just a taste because they are watching their weight.

Blue Bell

In Central Texas, we have a popular ice cream manufactured in Brenham, Texas called Blue Bell Ice Cream. Blue Bell is in most dairy cases across the area. They have a long list of ice cream flavors for the ice cream lover to choose from.

My sweet husband brought home a gallon of Blue Bell's Happy Tracks this past week. He was in the grocery store and remembered that I love ice cream. Knowing that I love Moose Track Ice Cream, he selected the Blue Bell flavor Happy Tracks, a rendition of my favorite Moose Track ice cream.

Moose Tracks Ice Cream T-Shirt


There is a difference between the two ice creams. I spent some time analyzing the pros and cons of each. Here are the results. Moose Tracks remains my favorite ice cream. Why?

Blue Bell sells quality ice cream, but Happy Tracks is not their best. The container is so full of chunky chocolate and peanut butter that the vanilla ice cream seems lost. In the middle of my half gallon, there was a huge chunk of hard chocolate which was difficult to scoop after it was well frozen. The chocolate texture is different. The chocolate is harder, less fudge-like than the Moose Tracks. The peanut butter chunks are larger, but not better. Blue Bell Ice Creams are often on sale, but tend to be more expensive per gallon.

I like the consistency of the Moose Tracks Ice Cream better. It is rich with flavor, but not overly flavored with chocolate. The chocolate is more fudgy in texture and the taste is excellent for a chocolate craving.

I highly recommend the Moose Tracks ice cream. It will hit your dessert spot and lure you to the freezer again and again! Taste the difference.

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