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Mockmill 100


I love bread making and especially during these stressful times it’s one of those things to do that is therapeutic and a joy to produce something that makes the house smell amazing and then eat your hard work.

As I searched around on YouTube watching bread videos ( I know sad but compelling) where I saw a machine that caught my attention, the Mockmill 100. Now I love kitchen gadgets but it did make me wonder, when you can buy flour so cheap why would you even want to spend about $180 on a machine to grind your own flour apart from the fun of it, so I started investigating.

Nutritional value of home milling

I was shocked to find out that freshly ground grains can lose 45-90% of its nutrients to oxidation within 24 hrs to 3 days from being milled. This is due to the oils inside the grain going rancid. Freshly milled grain is full of vitamin E but when the oils go bad that nice bread flour kept at room temp will contain toxins that are carcinogenic.

So freshly ground flour is amazingly good and tasty. Flour at room temp over days is not good at all for your body.

So how come flour sold at the store is months old and possibly stored in your cupboard at home for months but yet is still good to bake with? Have you read ingredients? To stop flour that is stored for weeks to months at the store from going bad, parts of the grain that contain oils, which are the vitamin cabinets of the grain are removed leaving you with white dust that’s got almost nothing left to give you, that’s why the ingredients say wheat and then words like “fortified” or “added vitamins” to put something back into the flour.
Imagine if you found out they did the same process with your fruit or vegetables, Pick them, take the goodness out and then pump them up with vitamins! You wouldn’t accept it, you would cringe at the thought and never buy it. So why compromise now with your flour. Make sure you get the best for yourself and the family.

It's still a pretty cool addition to your kitchen appliance collection


Technical details

Power: 360w

Voltage: 230v (1,100 rpm) American version 110v (1,300rpm)

Dimensions: 380x220x190 mm / 15x8.7x7.5 inch

Milling mechanism: Corundum ceramic milling stones

Milling efficiency: approx 100g per min

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Casing: Arboblend made from renewable raw materials

Hopper capacity: 1,100g / 2lbs 7oz

Weight: 6.6kg / 8 kg

Cable length: 150cm

Mockmill guarantee: 6 years

The settings lever goes way beyond the settings 1-10

The settings lever will go well beyond 1-10. I had mine set to 30 for cracking grains for home brewing.

The settings lever will go well beyond 1-10. I had mine set to 30 for cracking grains for home brewing.

What can the Mockmill do?

Will it grind grains?
Err yes. Dont grind oily seeds like linseed as it will clog up the grinding stones. If you mistakenly ground something oily just set the machine to a course grind and run though a cup of rice with the machine running. Pass the rice through a few times until the stones are clean.

Can I mill grains for home brewing?
Yes. I do home brewing and set the grind to around #30 ran a few grains through to get the coarse grind I wanted like cracked grain. You may need to adjust the setting for each different kind of grain milled.

Do a test batch. Run 1/2 a handful of grains through if you think the setting is right and adjust accordingl.

Can it mill spices? Yes. From very fine powder to a coarse cracked pepper corn. For spices like star anise they will need to be broken up smaller to pass through the feed holes in the grain hopper feeder. After milling spices pass through the mill about a handful of rice and repeat until you are sure it’s clean.

Can I pass ground flour through for a second milling for a finer texture?
Yes. Don’t pour into the hopper a whole kilo of milled flour for a second milling as it may block up the hopper feeder. I found it to be trouble free milling spooning in a little at a time but constant.

Does it create a lot of dust?
No. Just be sure to have a jar or bowl that sits close under the mills spout to eliminate fine dust escaping during milling.

is it difficult to clean the Mockmill 100?
No. After use just give it a light tap with the palm of your hand on the side of the mill to loosen any flour sitting in the spout and just put it away. No cleaning necessary. It is recommended if you are not going to use the machine for an extended period of time I.e away on vacation, you may want to remove any flour in the mill. Just remove the top and release the stones and clean brushing lightly with a clean paint brush. Do not wash with water. The outer casing can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

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