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Mishima Reserve Luxury Wagyu Beef Review


Mishima Reserve Ground Meat


Just Say 'No' to this ground meat

Fry's, located in Sierra Vista, Arizona had on sale ground meat that retails for $9.99 a pound for almost half the price at $5.99/pound. There was no label that said 75/25 Lean/Fat ratio anywhere but the meat nutrition facts are the same as regular 75/25 hamburger meat.

Calories 320 (Same as 75/25)
Total Fat 28g (Same as 75/25)
Saturated Fat 9g (Lower than 75/25)
Cholesterol 80Mg (higher than 75/25)
Protein 18G (Same as 75/25)


While on the webpage where is states that "Wagyu contains half the level of saturated fat and twice the level of mono-unsaturated fat, as well as higher levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids." - the calories are the same as 75/25 ratio of lean/fat of regular hamburger.

I despise 75/25 ratio and the mouthfeel of the overabundance of grease was slimy and disgusting feeling. I prefer 93% lean or higher. This stuff I drained twice the grease that poured off the cast iron frying pan.

So don't believe the hype on the packaging, this is nothing more than 75/25 burger but slimier.

It is certainly not worth the price of nearly $10/pound, not even on sale at $5.99/pound when I can get for $4.99 .


Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on July 22, 2018:

Right on Sister. We gotta pay attention. An extra 15 seconds a read on stuff makes a whole difference to love of food. let's do it right is what I say.

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