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Mini Shabu-Shabu at Sm Baguio City, It's Really a Shabu-Shabu..!!

Maria Cecilia believes that writing is a pleasure and at the same time a challenge to her flexibility.

Because I was curious, I used google to research and it led me to this Mini Shabu Shabu at SM Baguio City, but I was wondering why the word "mini" was included before the word shabu shabu.... Is it really a shabu shabu?The link I visited about the place was not enough to answer my curiosity but I hold on to one comment of a lady that said she will definitely go back to the restaurant on her next visit to Baguio City.

Where is SM Baguio City?

The complete address of Mini Shabu-shabu is 2nd Floor of SM Baguio City at Luneta Hill Drive, Upper Session Road, corner Governor Pack Road Baguio City Benguet. SM Baguio City is also the former Pines Hotel.

Dining-in after a very dangerous and strenous assignment

After resting from a very strenuous task we decided to reward ourselves by going to the Mini Shabu shabu for dinner. I don't know about others but for me the shabu shabu broth with sate' has healing effects. It is good when you feel tired, when you have colds and flu and when you just want to feel good.

We found Mini Shabu shabu at the second floor, left wing of SM Baguio City, and I realized in a cold place like Baguio, this Mini Shabu Shabu is just perfect especially if a person craves for something hot and tasty and to feel warm too.

The place is cozy and spacious as if expecting a large crowd of people to visit the place. The Square table is huge, giving so much space to the individual cooking pots which is the main attrraction of the restaurant...

I immediately saw the difference when I entered the restaurant. It is called mini shabu shabu because instead of one big cooking pot in the middle of the table, there are four small cooking tin pot almost across each customers, which means that each customer will have their own shabu- shabu, which give them freedom to make the taste of their soup according to their own taste.

The style here is you will choose the main ingredients that you want to soak in your broth. Set 1 can be an all meat set, Set 2 assorted balls set, Set 3 Seafood sets etc. With each sets goes the side dishes which the customers will also soak in their broth (assorted vegetables, tofu, mushroom, crab sticks, additional balls chicken or squid), ingredients for the egg sauce (one egg , sate, special sauce garlic and chopped spring onions), 1 set also means 1 small cooking pot for the customers.

If you want additional cooking pot you will pay extra P50.00 or $1.00

We only ordered 3 sets and it was good enough for five persons. The bill is a bit expensive as compared to other shabu shabu restaurants that I had visited but the difference was not that much...

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The same shabu shabu that we know

So for all curious shabu shabu lovers, this is the same shabu shabu that we know.... Our favorite sate' is there, those delicious assorted balls (chicken balls, squid balls many more), thinly sliced beef, sea foods, noodles and vegetables. All that we often see in a shabu shabu. It may not be better than Gloria Maris or Golden Fortune but since it's the only shabu shabu restaurant in Baguio ( well as far as I know ) this is good. I just wish they can add more to their side dishes.

By the way, aside from the shabu shabu you can also request for a griller which will be placed at the center of the table. I saw customers that just shared in the shabu shabu cooking pot and have the griller in the middle of the dining table. If you are familiar with Tong Yan this is quite similar, but at Tongyang Hot pot and a griller is already automatically allotted to customers.

Simple tips when dining-in a shabu shabu

If you want a spicy broth, you can add the sate' which is normally served along with other sauces which customers mixed to make an excellent broth.

Egg sauce is very popular in a Shabu shabu but in my group very few uses it. In making the egg sauce, just add the egg to the sauces and also the garnishing (chopped garlic, spring onions, chile etc)..

Other advantage that I observed in the Mini Shabu-shabu is that egg is already included in the package. In others you will need to pay extra for the egg.

Shabu shabu is heavy because of the soup, so depending on the person, rice may not be necessary... But for someone new to shabu shabu, they will definitely look for a bowl of rice, but to avoid rice left over, better order for I cup for the whole group.

but above all enjoy the experience of cooking or boiling your food, and eat happily too.

For those who are so familiar with shabu shabu this hub is open for more tips from you, please don't hesitate to share. thanks.

© 2013 Maria Cecilia

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