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McDonald's Giving Away Free Food Until Christmas Eve Paid for by Mariah Carey

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You don't usually hear the words "McDonald's" and "Mariah Carey" in the same sentence. However, now you will because the iconic singer has teamed up with the popular fast food restaurant to do something nice for people during the 12 days before Christmas Day.

Each day from December 13 through December 24, people can stop by at a participating McDonald's and get a free item from McDonald's Mariah Menu.


What's On Mariah's Menu?

The free foods include the classic cheeseburger, Big Mac, chicken Mcnuggets, hotcake, sausage biscuit, soft-baked chocolate chip cookies, baked apple pie, and items listed below. If you have a taste for one of the items, feel free to stop by McDonald's and get you free item compliments of singer Mariah Carey.

  • December 13: Free Big Mac
  • December 14: Free McChicken
  • December 15: Free McCafe Bakery Item plus Free Beanie while supplies last
  • December 16: Free 6 Pieces of Chicken McNuggets
  • December 17: Free Cheeseburger
  • December 18: Free Hotcakes
  • December 19: Free McDouble
  • December 20: Free Baked Apple Pie
  • December 21: Free Sausage McMuffin with Egg plus Free T-Shirt while supplies last
  • December 22: Free Double Cheeseburger
  • December 23: Free Sausage Biscuit
  • December 24: Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
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How to Get Your Free Food

Anyone who spends $1 or more on their McDonald's app will get the item from the menu that is listed for that particular day.

In order to get in on the deals, customers should first download the McDonald's app. Then they will see which item is available for that day. They can stop in all twelve days if they like, or they can stop in on a particular day when they want the free item that is offered that day. However, they can take advantage of the deal only once a day.

Why Is Mariah Carey Offering Free Food from McDonald's?

Mariah is known for loving Christmas and everything related to the holiday. You might be wondering why she chose McDonald's as a way of giving back. She tweeted that some of her favorite memories with her twins are family trips to McDonald's. She also said that combining some of her and her kids' favorite foods from McDonald's with her all-time favorite season is a holiday wish come true for her.

Mariah added that she has had amazing memories with McDonald's over the years, and just like many of her fans, she always gets a sense of nostalgia when she sees the golden arches even before she goes in to get her go-food which is a cheeseburger with extra pickles.


McDonald's Is Adding to Mariah's Offer

McDonald's is not only giving away free food thanks to Mariah, but the fast-food giant is also doing something on its own. McDonald's released a new commercial, featuring Mariah's popular Christmas song, "All I Want for Christmas is You."

McDonald's has given their bags a new design and will give away two items from the line of Carey-themed merchandise to the first 10,000 fans who redeem the Mariah Menu deal on two days: December 15 and December 21.

On December 15, the free gift to be given away is a black knit beanie with Mariah's signature embroidered on it in gold writing. On December 21, customers will get a free black T-shirt with a photo of Mariah enjoying her favorite McDonald's item which is a cheeseburger with extra pickles.

Please Share

Enjoy whatever McDonald's item you select on those designated days, and please share this information with others so they may take advantage of this offer. Remember that McDonald's is giving, Mariah Carey is giving, so this could be your way of giving as well.

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