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Materials to Make Your Food Prep Areas out Of


Having a sanitary food preparation area should be at the top of your list of importance, especially if you're cooking for more than yourself and your family. But even if it's just you eating the meals, you should look for non-porous materials to add to your cooking area. Working on the right types of materials will do wonders for the cleanliness of your kitchen, whether it be a commercial area or just your home. Plus, you're going to be glad to learn that we have plenty of suggestions for you when you're trying to find a great material that will keep your food safe to eat.

Stainless Steel

As a staple in the restaurant industry, stainless steel is a great non-porous material to have in your home or business place. Stainless steel is super simple to clean up even if you have big spills or are working with foods that are potentially illness-inducing, such as uncooked fish. If you're interested in finding stainless steel for your home, don't worry. This material has become more popular in homes over the last couple of years. And even if you don't want your entire kitchen to be covered in stainless steel, you can still get great material for your kitchen if you simply have a small area of the countertop made of stainless steel.


If you're looking for a material that is non-porous and cleans up really well even if you're cutting on it, check out HDPE. This plastic counter material is really simple to clean up because it's non-porous. Plus, you'll love that this material is often used on top of the stainless steel in kitchens because it's so easy to clean and disinfect. You can even simply buy HDPE sheets, which makes it so much easier than buying a large block of the material that you have to install in your restaurant’s kitchen.


If you're working from home, you might simply like that elegance and simplicity of glass. This material is non-porous, and it looks great almost anywhere. You'll usually want to use it as a cutting board, but you could also get it installed over your granite or other material.

When you're ready to learn more about how we can help you through the projects around your home or kitchen, make sure that you come to talk to us in person. We would love to show you the benefits of each option.

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