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Marvelous Foods of Rajasthan


Rajasthan is basically known for its royal culture, historical importance, and many brave kings. It also houses some royal foods one should try on a visit to Rajasthan. Here you will get a shortlist with their little introduction.

1. Daal-Baati-Choorma

The most famous dish of Rajasthan, loved by everyone. Its part of meal and is prepared in every house regularly. Daal is a prepared by using either Chana Daal, Mung Daal, Urad daal, or moth daal vegetable oil or ghee while Baati is a type of hard bread like round in shape made from wheat flour generally. Nowadays to make it tastier certain other ingredients like Kesar or species are added prior to cooking in the heat. It can be fried or baked.




It is also a very tasty and healthy dish popular in Arid regions and surroundings. It is prepared from the dried fruit/berries of Capparis decidua and dried beans of Prosopis cineraria. Its raw form is readily available on the market. The dish is available in the combo of both. It contains a high nutritional value and has a high self-life in raw form.



3. Rajasthani Shahi Kadi

This dish is prepared from buttermilk and flour of gram beans or wheat with varied spices. It tastes amazing and is generally served with Bajra Roti or Chapatis. It is also available in modified form like the addition of Besan pakora or moth daal in it.

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4.Shahi Gatte ki Sabji

It is prepared from a very delicious gravy of species, with rolled cutlet-like shapes of Besan or wheat flour and curd.


5.Malai Ghewar

It is a sweet Dish in a cushion disc shape. It is available with malai or without malai(milk cream). Prepared from ghee, sugar syrup, and flour. It is soft and bread-like in bite.


Visit to Rajasthan will be very memorable.

Do mention in the comment what other dish your loved in Rajasthan.

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