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Marc Angelo Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast Roast

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Just to note

I wanted to include some better photos...the ones I included don't really do the item justice, but I was having trouble with my camera phone.

I would recommend this as a dish - especially if you are seeking an addition to your planned meal. I thought it tasted good and am looking forward to hearing from you folks.

While I would not call this gourmet - and it certainly does have the taste that many pre-arranged, pre-prepared foods have, it isn't half bad.


Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast

Some of you may be looking for a simple holiday addition this Thanksgiving to complement your feast. Many people prefer the breast meat because it is tasty and appealing. Perhaps you don't want to cook an entire turkey or may be looking for something simple for a small gathering.

Marco Angelo has a bacon wrapped turkey breast that you can put in the oven and in less than two hours, have a main course ready.

Is this any good? Is it worth the effort? Let's see.


Sometimes You Want Simple

In my case, I am looking for a good turkey recipe that can also pass for a simple dinner, when I am craving poultry other than chicken.

You can pop this in the oven and in about one hour and twenty minutes, have some white meat turkey available. You have to prepare your own gravy and sides of course, but the roast has a pop up device that tells you when it's done.

Is it as good as a whole turkey or one of the fancier breasts? Not really. Does it work and taste good. Yes, it really does. The herbs they've added - rosemary in particularly - give a nice subtle flavor.

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Taste and Aroma

While it may not look that fancy - it's just a loaf basically - it has a distinct aroma. You can see little spice sprigs as well - which are pretty tasty. My one critique is that the bacon sticks to the meat and you cannot separate them easily. Once you slice into it, you can get to the meat. It appears to be a whole breast section and not pressed meat - which makes sense, because when you take it home from the store, it's raw.

It cooks up in just over an hour as was mentioned earlier, which is good if you're pressed for time and need to some extras to add to your meal. You do have to thaw it first because it comes frozen.


Do I Recommend This?

Sure. I had fun with it.

I like turkey a lot.

Is it as good as sliced deli meat or a turkey you might have at the smorgasbord? Well, not really.

But it is quick and easy and comes out just find. If you have a small family, you probably would want two of these. Then at least you can have some sandwiches left over.

Most of the ones I saw were about a pound and a half - 26 ounces. If you are hefty eater, well, you could probably finish it all. But given the sides people usually enjoy with this bird, you could probably get three or four meals out of it.

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Nigel Koay from Malaysia on November 22, 2020:

i wish we have turkey here in Malaysia, usually its not available or too expensive for us. This is a nice simple meal tho.

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