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"Mango Smoothie"

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  • 1 cup curd
  • 1 mango
  • 1 cup cold milk
  • 5/6 soaked almond
  • as per your taste sugar
  • some dry fruits, chopped

About the recipe-yummy mango smoothie best smoothie

As soon as the mango season arrives, it is everyone's favorite fruit. There are so many types of mangoes.

Many types of recipes are made from mangoes. It is also very easy to make. One of these is Mango smoothie

Mango smootie will refresh your mind!

it is a thick milky milkshake.all age loves it!

mango smoothie is the best smoothie.

Making Mango Smoothie is very easy.


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Wash, peel and cut the mango into pieces.

Now keep it in the freezer for 25 minutes.

Now put mango, milk, curd, almonds, sugar in a mixer jar and grind it.

Our mango smoothie is ready, serve it by adding dry fruits.

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