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Project for Bored Kids : Making a Scarecrow Like Worzel Gummidge

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Making a scarecrow is a fun thing to do and is a great project for bored kids and can can be very important in protecting your vegetable garden. There are no right or wrong ways to make a scarecrow but the possibilites are endless to make your own keeper of the vegie patch.



  •  1 × 160cm length of dowel for the arms
  •  2 × 130cm lengths of dowel for legs
  •  wire
  •  old pillowcase for the head
  • fabric paint
  •  straw for stuffing
  •  some old clothes, shoes, hat and gloves
  •  7 foot garden stake

The Body

 Measure and mark the halfway point on the longer piece of dowel.  Place the tips of the two shorter bits of dowel in an X shape over the halfway point.  Leave at least 15cm at the top of the X as this will form the neck and head.  Drill a hole through each of the pieces where the X interesects.  Put the shirt and jacket on the longer longer dowel then wire all the pieces up. 

The Head

 Take an old pillowcase and stuff with hoppy fill or plastic bags and seal with a rubber band.  Decorate the face with some buttons for eyes and hessian for eyebrows and nose.  You can also use fabric paint to make your scarecrow as realistic as possible.



 Find a good spot in your garden for your scarecrow to live and hammer your garden stake into the ground.  Put you scarecrow in position by slipping the stake under his jacket.  Put on the head by inserting the top bits of dowel into the rubber banded head.  Tie on some extra rope so he doesn't lose his head on an extra windy day.  Put on his pants and button his shirt and stuff the scarecrow with straw.  Tie up the wrists and ankles so the stuffing doesnt come out.  Put on his shoes gloves and hat and your scarecrow is ready to protect your vegetable garden from birds trying to get a free feed.

Worzel Gummidge

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