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How To Make BBQ Pulled Pork in the Slow Cooker


Want to Learn How to Make BBQ Pulled Pork

Of course you do. I think everyone wants to make this comfort food every once in a while. We have all had it at some of our favorite steak houses. We never really knew how to make it ourselves. This is why I took inititive to learn about the process.

I found the recipe extremely easy. There were only really three ingredients, five if you included salt and pepper. all of these ingredients I usually had in the house to begin with, and since there was a great sale on Port Loin, this was the perfect time to try it.

The following is the video I made while I went through the process. I also took the time to type out the steps as I did them.

How I Made BBQ Pulled Pork - Please Don't Make Fun of Me

This is just a short video of my version of pulled pork. My way is probably the simplest way to make it. All you have to do is cook the pork loin all day in the crock pot, then pull it apart with two forks then cook it with your favorite barbecue sauce for another hour or two before you place it on a bun to serve it. Watch my video. I think it is informative.

Step One: Frozen Pork Loin

You Don't Need to Thaw it

The nice thing about cooking in the slow cooker is the fact that you do not have to thaw any of your meat before you place it into the slow cooker.

We bought a giant pork loin when it was on sale at the grocery store. I was able to cut it into four usable pieces and froze them all. When I was ready to cook my pulled pork, I just pulled the whole thing out of the freezer and placed it into the slow cooker while it was still frozen rock solid.

Then I poured most of a can of Coke Zero over it. The recipe asked for a can of root beer, but I didn't have any on hand. I am sure you can use your favorite soda.

Make Sure You Choose a Good Slow Cooker - Don't Buy the Cheapest Thing at Walmart

Sometimes you need to look at the overall pot before you make a purchase. A lot of your cheaper models are just not big enough or they don't have the temperature settings that you need to make all the dishes you might want to make. Personally I look for 2 temperature setting and a keep warm setting. Then I look to make sure I can make a big enough roast to feed 8-10 people for when we entertain.

Step Two: Set it and Walk Away

You Don't Have to Stand Over it

I wanted to season it, but because it was frozen I couldn't. So I set the cooker to low and the timer for 7 hours. Then I went and did something constructive.

I came back to the cooker a little more than an hour later and found the meat was nearly defrosted. I was able to stick it with a knife, which I did because I wanted the seasoning to seep into the meat, not just sit on top.

I only used salt and pepper. I don't think it needs more than that. I just about drowned it in BBQ sauce later in the process. That would give the pork most of its flavor. You could rub it with herbs to bring out some different flavors. I don't think it really needed the salt. Pork tends to be salty as it is. So if you are trying to watch your salt intake, this is one way to do it.

Step Three: Stick It

A Good Digital Meat Thermometer is the Way to Go

After about five and a half hours I looked in on it and it looked pretty much done from the outside. There was only one way to truly check the meat. I had to stick it with a meat thermometer.

They say pork has to be between 165-170 degrees to be completely done. Well, this loin hit 170 and was still going. I knew it was finished. It was time to pull it out and pull it apart.

Step Four: Pull the Pork

With two forks I stabbed the pork loin and picked it up out of the slow cooker. I placed it onto a large enough plate and started to pull the meat apart with the two forks.

This process was surprisingly easy. The meat was tender and close to just falling apart on its own. I shredded the meat, making sure I pulled apart any and all large chunks that might have buried themselves below my pile.

Step Five: Back Into the Pot

Before I put the meat back into the pot, I poured out what was left of the coke zero and whatever fat had drained out of the meat.

I scrapped the shredded pork off the plate and back into the pot. The pot was still on low and still had an hour and a half to go.

Before I placed the lid back on the cooker, I needed to drench the meat in BBQ sauce.

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Step Six: BBQ Sauce

Now this is the personal part of the recipe. What flavor BBQ sauce do you use? Personally, I used whatever was in the pantry.

Usually the BBQ sauce that is in our pantry is what was on sale and we had a coupon for. This would make it extremely cheap and in some cases, FREE.

The flavor I used when making this video was Hickory. But I am a fan of Original, Spicy and Honey BBQ. Mix it up. Each time you make this. try a different BBQ sauce. It's fun.

Step Seven: Ready When Dinner Is

I left the BBQ covered pork in the slow cooker for the last hour and a half. It absorbed the sauce into the meat and became even tenderer than it already was.

When that hour was up, I let the meat stand in the, mixing it every now and then, on the KEEP WARM setting. This meant it would be ready for dinner whenever everyone got home and was ready to eat.

That is one of the great things about the slow cooker. It can stay in the cooker till time to eat. You are reassured to have a hot meal. It won't get cold if someone is late getting home.

Step Eight: Lets Eat

I cooled some Tater Tots and steamed some Broccoli to go with the pulled pork sandwiches. The buns were fresh. I bough them on my way home from work that morning.

When everyone was ready to eat, I just scooped a nice amount of BBQ Pork onto the bun and placed it next to the sides, then passed it out. Everyone was happy and went back for seconds.

That is when you know you have a hit on your hands. They always go back for seconds.

How Did Your BBQ Pulled Pork Come Out

Deadicated LM on August 12, 2012:

A delicious looking Lens 8-)

anonymous on August 04, 2012:

Smells good even from here. Nice lens.

anonymous on July 18, 2011:

Great recipes. Perhaps you would like to visit my Best Darn Barbeque lens and add yours to the list. Thanks.

blessedmomto7 on April 28, 2011:

I make pulled pork all the time in my slow cooker, but I have never used soda in it.

javr from British Columbia, Canada on December 19, 2010:

Looks like a great menu item.

Virginia Allain from Central Florida on December 16, 2010:

I never remember to use my slow cooker, but I'm a big fan of pulled pork on a bun. I just have to try this. Thanks for showing me how.

MargoPArrowsmith on December 16, 2010:

I love barbequed pork and I love slow cookers (and pressure cookers) in fact, I rarely use my oven and stove, only to make oatmeal!

ElizabethJeanAl on September 12, 2010:

Sounds delicious!

Thanks for sharing,


momto4 lm on March 03, 2010:

Sounds delicious and easy to make! I can't wait to try it! I love pulled pork!

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