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How to Thaw a Turkey This Thanksgiving


What could go wrong?

While many people choose traditional methods such as baking or roasting a turkey for their Thanksgiving meals, others opt to deep fry the turkey whole. Deep frying is a very popular alternative to traditional ways of oven roasting, yet without proper thawing the turkeys could end roasting you.

Ways to thaw turkey safely

The quick and in a hurry method:

  • read the user manual for the microwave to find the required temperature and time depending on the weight of the turkey

The way of water:

  • Use cold water to prevent bacteria growth
  • around 30-45 minutes per pound of turkey
  • place in container or sink that has been sterilized and without any soap residue

In the fridge:

  • keep turkey in bag or container it came in
  • For every 5lb of turkey allow at least 24 hours of thawing time before eating

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