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Lehi Roller Mills Gives Vegan A Good Name with Plant-based Muffins, Pancakes and Brownies


We usually don’t bother with food reviews because 1)We’re not good at it and 2)We can’t deal with dairy food because of being lactose intolerant. That means, for those who don’t know or don’t need to worry, that eating dairy foods like milk or something that has milk in it will cause a series of annoyances going into pain — stomach discomfort, bloated gas actions and evacuations very loose. All around, one can see that going with dairy in such circumstances is not worth the effort (and don’t get us going on having to give up pizza). So when a company like Lehi Roller Mills, known for making some pretty tasty products that you mix and then eat, offers a chance to make something tasty that can emulate tasty dairy products — you betcha we’re going to give it a shot.

Now let’s get one thing straight — we’re not knocking dairy products but aren’t looking just to not get annoyed eating this stuff — we want to just enjoy a food that can now exist. So open your eyes to three mixing packages: Raspberry Muffin Mix (Vegan); Pancake and Waffle Mix (Vegan); Double Fudge Brownie Mix (again Vegan). It’s been a long time since we could have muffins, or pancakes for that matter. Or double fudge brownies — all this sounds delightful but really it sounds delicious because of how long it has been since we could just grab a muffin or cut into a pancake or take a huge bite out of a brownie. So let’s go ahead and make each of these non-dairy foods that will let us enjoy what we once could before our bodies decided to change its ways.


The Raspberry Muffin Goes First

A lot of time it’s all about stirring the mix in the bowl and there’s two ways to go about doing it: one is to mix it by hand and that takes a whole lot of time and effort. The other way — not so much about being faster but being smoother and more efficient in the mixing — is to use a hand mixer or even one of those big guys that works with a mixing bowl. The majority of the ingredients are contained in the packaging, so what you’re going to need is some basic kitchen equipment. In this case we’re talking about a stove and a bowl and a measuring cup since there’s more than just one quantity of food to make. As far as ingredients go you’ll just need vegetable oil and water — using distilled or spring water makes you feel better if not providing a cleaner environmental result than tap. You’re going to use the entire 18 oz package, although it’s possible to divide everything in half but considering how good the muffins (about 12-18 will be the end results), making the whole package seems extremely sensible. So you empty the package in the bowl, add the oil and water and stir, stir, stir if by hand power or whirr, whirr, whirr if electricity is powering the stirring means. Then the mixture gets plopped into those little cups on a metal or aluminum platter (yes you have to buy that too if you plan on using disposable) and into the oven it all goes — with the oven pre-heated to the temperature as it says on the box. Then you watch them rise and check them (we took a look on YouTube because the best we could come up with first was sticking a toothpick into the muffin because that’s what you do with a cake?) and then out the pan comes and because you sprayed those cups so the muffins wouldn’t stick, out too comes the muffins onto the platter or whatever surface you decide they should land on.


Let’s Eat

Then it’s the best part, which is eating those muffins. Normally we’d see fear, even if those anti-lactose capsules were popped in our mouths first to try and calm our stomach. But here there’s no such concern and for sure they taste good. And yeah making the whole box made sense because we’re not down with sharing and we’ve a big mouth that is now being filled.

So there’s also the brownies to make and the process is similar and the results even more delicious because....well chocolate. Leave it at that.


Pancakes Coming Right Up

The final testing is for the pancake/waffle mix and since we don’t have a waffle maker it’s all hands on mixing to drip the batter onto a hot skillet and flip the pancakes being made over when there’s that bubbling in the hope (we hope) that the other side will be some sort of golden brown. Which it was. Not that we could see the pancakes over the sugar-high syrup we latched onto as a condiment. But what a treat to make pancakes for breakfast because for those who like iHop or Denny’s, you can go there any morning for pancakes but we for sure can not.

Now you can add to the packages with ingredients of your own but the first time around we just wanted to be able to make what it said on the box and consume without any trepidation. But mostly it’s about being able to enjoy safely what others take for granted, and since these Vegan alternatives taste so good, who cares what the excuse is. For more info go to https://lehimills.com/

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