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Lay's Layer's: Three Cheese Flavored

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What exactly are these things

As it says on the packaging, these are "layered potato bites". Which basically sounds like a potato chip rolled up and deep fried.

But these are not quite like your regular spud snacks. If you can imagine a cross between a chip and a cheese puff you will come close.

Overall they are not bad. However, I think the three cheese specimen will take an acquired taste.

A bit of the bite with the artificial cheese powder that isn't too intense, or flavorful for that matter.

But they are crispy and airy at the same time, if that makes any sense. And they are designed so that they take up quite a bit of space in the bag. You really don't get that much snacking power because of that.


Bite Sized, Crispy, Tasty or so it says


Some Good Points

These are really sort of unique. The closest thing that I've tried that is similar to these are the Bugles. These have a similar sort bite, but are a bit more light and puffy. Otherwise:

  • Lay's Layers are easy to eat. Pieces are bite sized
  • They have a unique design that is sort of artsy
  • Enough crisp to puff area to give a variety in the chip
  • They crunch well - some people are into that sort of thing
  • You can smash these up and use them for a topping
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Some Unfavorable Elements

Well, these are by no means perfect. And honestly, I'm not too sure about the three cheese flavor variety. I have some things you snackers might want to watch out for:

  • The inconsistency in the chip texture can be detected. There are some thicker slices that feel like you are biting into a too crisp potato chip.
  • They are not very healthy: 22% fat, 15 % sodium, 9% carbs and 270 calories. More than one small bag a day could be potentially fatal.
  • They are not quite a chip and not quite a puff
  • Still they are slightly addictive

Some Advice

The world of snacking is a precarious place. You have so many varieties to chose from and so little time. Even though there are many options to choose from, most people find their chip and stick with it.

Will this be a keeper? Well honestly, probably not. The novelty will wear off soon and the flavor on the three cheese option isn't distinctive. In fact, I'm not sure which three varieties of cheese were included here. I only detected an artificial powder which quickly faded after the dust fell off the chip on the way to my mouth.

Are they worth trying again occasionally? Well maybe. That depends on how you define worth. Can they add a little variety as a side to a sandwich. Yep. They are good there. Are they worth the two dollars a bag you pay for a couple of dozen chips which weigh a little more than an ounce when potatoes you can get a pound for a dollar. Nah. No way.

Of course these would be difficult to duplicate in any home. I'm sure even the most talented chef would not be able to come close.


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