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What Is Keurig Coffee and Why is Keurig So Popular?

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Learn all about Keurig coffee with these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig Coffee Maker

What is Keurig Coffee?

Keurig coffee is coffee made in a Keurig single serve coffee brewer. The Keurig coffee machine uses a coffee pod filled with ground coffee to make coffee. The coffee pod also contains a paper coffee filter that holds the coffee grounds. The Keurig coffee pod is called a K-cup or Vue pack.

One advantage of Keurig coffee is that each cup is made fresh. Keurig coffee never sits in a pot and gets stale- there is no pot on a Keurig coffee maker. The coffee is brewed directly into a cup.

Another advantage of Keurig coffee is that it is easy to let everyone choose their favorite kind of coffee for each cup. Since one coffee pod is used to brew each cup of coffee, each person can get their favorite coffee brand and flavor every cup.

Keurig Coffee is Brewed using Coffee Pods that hold Ground Coffee

Keurig Coffee is Brewed using Coffee Pods that hold Ground Coffee

How Do You Make Keurig Coffee?

Keurig coffee is easy to make if you have a Keurig coffee brewer. It takes only about one minute to brew a cup of Keurig coffee.

1. Place your empty cup under the coffee spout in the Keurig brewer

1. Open the Keurig brewer coffee pod compartment

2. Select the desired coffee pod, and place it in the coffee pod compartment

3. Close the coffee pod compartment

4. On some models, you can select how many ounces of coffee to brew using a touch screen

5. Press the "Brew" button

You'll have a cup of fresh hot coffee in about one minute. It's really that simple!

Keurig Coffee Brewer

Keurig Coffee Brewer

How Much Does it Cost to Make Keurig Coffee?

There are two factors to consider to determine the cost to make Keurig Coffee:

1. The cost of the Keurig brewing machine

2. The cost of the Keurig coffee pods

Cost of Keurig Brewing Machines

Keurig brewing machines range in price from about $75 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the model and features that you select. A Keurig brewing machine is generally more expensive than a standard auto-drip coffee machine. As a rule of thumb, a Keurig Coffee Maker is about twice as expensive as a comparable auto-drip coffee maker.

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Keurig K-cup Coffee Machine

Cost of Keurig Coffee Pods

Keurig coffee pods (K-cups) cost about 66 cents per pod for premium brands. Cheap Keurig coffee pods deals can be found for about 50 cents per pod. You can also make your own K-cups using refillable plastic K-cups. A K-cup will brew about 8 to 10 ounces of coffee.

Keurig Coffee Is More Expensive!

Brewing Keurig coffee is more expensive than brewing regular coffee with a coffee maker. You can brew a really good 8 ounce cup of coffee using freshly ground whole coffee beans for 30 cents. So, if you are using premium Keurig coffee pods at 66 cents each, it costs about twice as much to make Keurig coffee than auto-drip coffee.

You can make a cheap cup of coffee at home with an auto-drip coffee maker for about 11 cents. So if cost of coffee is a major consideration, Keurig coffee may not be for you. However, Keurig coffee does have some significant advantages.

Advantages of Keurig Coffee

Why would anyone want Keurig coffee if it is more expensive than auto-drip coffee? Speed and convenience are major factors. It is fun to be able to easily try lots of different kinds of coffee as well.

Convenience: Keurig coffee is fast and easy to make. Almost no clean-up is required- just throw away the coffee pod when done.

Fast Coffee: If you want a quick cup of coffee, Keurig coffee is probably the fastest coffee you can get. It only takes about one minute from start to finish. The Keurig brewer only needs to heat enough water to make one cup at a time.

Easy to Try Different Coffee Flavors: With Keurig coffee, it is easy for everyone to make their favorite flavors. Not only can you make different flavors and brands of coffee with a Keurig, you can make other hot drinks like tea, hot chocolate and even Campbells soup!

Fresh Coffee Taste: Keurig coffee tastes pretty good. It is always fresh and hot since it never sits in a coffee pot and gets stale. The sealed coffee pods seem to keep the grounds fresh, although you can't beat fresh ground beans. Some people say that Keurig coffee is too weak. The newer Keurig Vue brewers allow you to brew stronger coffee.

Keurig Vue Pack vs. Keurig K-Cup.  Vue is larger and can brew stronger coffee.

Keurig Vue Pack vs. Keurig K-Cup. Vue is larger and can brew stronger coffee.

Two Types of Keurig Coffee Machines

Did you know that there are two different types of Keurig coffee machines? Keurig makes K-cup brewers that use K-cups and a larger Keurig Vue that uses Vue Packs. Keurig K-cup machines and K-cups are less expensive than the Keurig Vue machines and Vue Packs. So why would anyone want a Keurig Vue?

Keurig Vue uses a larger coffee pack and can brew more coffee at once. You can also brew stronger coffee with a Vue- some people think Keurig K-cup coffee is too weak, so Keurig Vue solves this problem. You can also control the brewing temperature to have more control over the brewing process.

Keurig Vue: Brews the Best Keurig Coffee

Keurig Coffee is Not the Cheapest or the Best...

Keurig coffee is not the cheapest coffee you can get- you can brew auto-drip coffee for about half the cost or even less. Keurig coffee brewers also cost more than regular auto-drip coffee makers.

Keurig coffee is not the best coffee you can make at home. You can make truly great coffee at home using fresh ground coffee from whole beans with a coffee machine using a cone filter and thermal carafe.

Keurig coffee is fresh and hot, but is not truly great and it is not inexpensive. So why is Keurig so popular?

For more on coffee makers and enjoying coffee, check out my blog, Coffee Maker Journal.

Making Keurig coffee is really convenient, really fast, really fresh, and really fun.

Keurig coffee requires almost no clean-up: just throw away the coffee pod after brewing. Keurig coffee is really fast- about one minute from start to finish. It's always fresh, since each cup is brewed just when you want it. And Keurig coffee is really fun- everyone can get their favorite or easily try new flavors.

Keurig coffee is here to stay, with millions of K-cups sold and the first generation Keurig K-cup brewers becoming well established in the market. You can buy K-cups at almost any grocery store where coffee is sold. The next-generation Keurig Vue pods and brewers have arrived on the market now. Keurig Vue adds more control over the flavor and size of the cup of coffee you can brew with a Keurig machine.

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Dr Penny Pincher (author) from Iowa, USA on November 11, 2013:

Thanks, kidscrafts! You might check out coffee alternatives that use carob instead of coffee. These alternatives are not acidic and are caffeine free. Teeccino is an example. Thanks for visiting!

kidscrafts from Ottawa, Canada on November 11, 2013:

Great presentation of the Keurig Coffee maker! I still dream of drinking coffee but I know it makes me sick :-( I can still enjoy the smell :-)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject and also your great pictures!

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