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Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss: Weight Loss Juices, Shakes, and Smoothies

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A Quick Note on Weight Loss and Juicing Diets to Lose Weight:

First of all, we need to clear something up.

I'm all for science, and that's why I base my tips on scientific data and results. Juicing and liquid diets do work, but you first need to learn how they work fundamentally.

One thing we need to get out of the way is the golden rule to weight loss and the one thing you must always have in mind for any diet, workout routine, and attempts at losing weight:

- To lose weight you must consume fewer calories than those you spend.

This is the golden rule you must always have in mind, nothing else matters.

  • Exercise Increases your calory burnt numbers;
  • Raising your metabolism increases your passive calory burning numbers;
  • Juicing gets you to consume or burn more calories.

It all has its results due to either increasing the calories you burn or decreasing the calories you intake, hence helping you because it helps you achieve the golden rule which is, again:

- To lose weight you must output more calories than your input is.

Now that we took that out of the way, let me tell you just how juicing can help you lose weight and keep it off.


Juices are a delicious way to lose weight!

There is no way you could eat an apple, two cucumbers, three oranges a lime, and a pineapple in one day – at least not regularly. With juicing, however, this is different – you can make a juice out of these ingredients and drink it with close to no effort, and this is one of the reasons on why juicing for weight loss is such a powerful tool – you’ll be getting all the benefits of a diet full of fruits and vegetables with close to no effort.

You should calculate the caloric intake of the juices you drink and cut the rest of your meals accordingly – you’ll find yourself shifting your diet levels from mostly meat to fruits and vegetables, just as it should be.

One of the things you must have in mind is that some fruits have more calories than others due to their sugar content.

On the other hand, you will probably get all the vitamins and minerals you need if you consume different fruits and some dried fruits on the side.

Finally, the fiber content in fruit is going to help you to retain less calories and to excrete more of them, also making sure you don't get bloated.

The Golden Rule: Output More Calories Than You Input


Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss: Drink it off!

Let’s face it, you don’t eat as many vegetables and fruits as you should and you know that you’re skipping on a great number of nutrients. In fact, whether you know it or not, fruits and vegetables have a lot of nutrients you don’t usually find in other food items – and that’s why it is so important to balance your diet with greenies and juicy fruits.

These ingredients we are talking about have a lot of benefits, such as boosting your immune system, preventing colds and other diseases and hastening your metabolism if consumed regularly throughout the day. Vegetables and fruits have no cholesterol, which is also a plus.

There are many other benefits that we will discuss throughout this small article, but the rule of thumb about the juicing lifestyle is consuming more and more fruits and vegetables while diminishing the consumption of other food items like red meat and fats.

These are some of the many benefits of juicing. Juicing for weight loss helps you by:

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  • Getting you the right macronutrients and vitamins without the need to consume high calory foods

Having said that, I really need to stress the fact that you cannot drink gallons of juices, smoothies or milkshakes because those still contain calories, so use an app to count calories and input the juice's ingredients to make sure you don't consume more calories than your body can spend, otherwise you'll invariably gain weight.


Benefits of Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss:

Vitamins, nutrients and Phytovitamins – that’s what juices are full of!

These compounds and the juicing practice and lifestyle will enhance your life dramatically through their many benefits. For starters, fresh juice just crushes factory made juice that you can buy in groceries simply because the home made juice you make at home as its full nutritional values while the factory made juice has the nutrients capped – sometimes extremely capped or non-existent.

Juicing fruits and vegetables also gets them rid of a lot of fibers, which make nutrient absorption difficult, so you’ll be harvesting the full value of the juices – just make sure to eat lots of fiber too, as it is a key part of a balanced diet.

Of course, the extra benefit of juicing is getting you to stay hydrated at all times – since the water content is obviously high!


Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss: One for Liver Detox, The Other to Boost your Metabolism

Throughout this small article we will approach a main recipe – the one that helps detox your liver – and a satellite recipe you can make in a bigger portion in order to drink it throughout the day so you can stay hydrated and give your stomach some work, making your metabolism run faster, thus absorbing less fat and consuming more fat for energy.

Use the second recipe every other week, since if you keep on using the same it will backfire, leaving you with orange skin – something you may want to avoid.

The Dark Storm is the main recipe we will approach, while the Carrot Cocktail is the satellite one, so keep on reading to know how to prepare these delicious juicing recipes for weight loss.

The Dark Storm Juice: Liver Detox Made Easy


The Dark Storm Description:

The Dark Storm juice is made of, essentially, kale leafs and beetroot, ingredients that contain sulforaphane, a compound that is known to detoxify your liver and preventing cancer. This anti cancer weight loss recipe also helps with another thing – fighting free radicals, as it contains a great number of anti oxidant components that are one of its core benefits and something we all direly need in great amounts in order to prolong our longevity.

The Dark Storm weight loss juice is stunning, it has a great and appetizing look that can be enhanced by placing some red kale leafs around it to maximize the contrast between bright red and the dark tone of the cocktail. Try it.

Cook Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

10 min

10 min

20 min

1 portion of 16 - 18 .oz

The Dark Storm: Ingredients

  • 8 Red Kale Leaves
  • 1 Large Beetroot, Peeled
  • 1 Bunch of Parsley
  • 2 Celery Sticks
  • 1 Lemon, Peeled

Juicing Recipe Instructions: Dark Storm

  1. Peel the Lemon and the Beetroot
  2. Wash every ingredient thoroughly
  3. Juice it!
  4. Enjoy it with some celery sticks and red kale leafs as decoration

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Boosting your Metabolism with Juice: Carrot Cocktail


Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss: Carrot Cocktail

There are a lot of people that hate the distinct flavor of celery and usually don’t eat it cooked or in salads, well this juice adds the ingredient right back in your diet. It is a pretty fresh juice that will be refreshing in each sip and it is pretty easy and cheap to produce.

It contains carrots, celery sticks and a pinch of cantaloupe, being of a vivid orange and ideal for lunch and dinner as well, it is a must try.


Four Carrots

Half a Cantaloupe

Three Celery Sticks


Wash the Ingredients, cut the ingredients into tiny pieces and juice them all. Add some ice and enjoy your refreshing juice!


This isn't related to the juice, but I really like to peel a carrot and eat it raw while I drink this juice, it really makes a healthy and delicious snack while you wait for lunch or dinner.

Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss: Refreshingly Effective

Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss: Refreshingly Effective

Juicing Secret: Vegetables are Fair Game Too!

While it is pretty obvious that vegetables should also be juiced, there are a lot of people out there that think only of fruits when they think about juicing. Well, one of the main benefits of juicing is to get vegetables and greens right back in your diet so you can enjoy the benefits of it if you don’t like the solids in your plate or you are too busy to make sure you eat them every day.

Remember, if you can’t eat that food type – juice it! Everything is delicious in a juice if you have the right recipe, so take that to your advantage!

A Deliciously Green Weight Loss Cocktail:


3 Tips: Juicing for Maximum Weight Loss

The guy in the video knows his juices!

The guy in this video is simply the boss. I am an avid subscriber and viewer of his channel on YouTube simply because he has a lot of passion for what it does and that was translated, in time, to a huge mass of experience on the juicing lifestyle.

Watch his videos for tips on juicing recipes for weight loss, new proven and discovered juicing benefits, nutritional tips and brand new recipes each week.

Try watching and be the judge!

Juicing is Healthy: Weight Loss isn't the Only Benefit

Sure, one of the main reasons that leads people to adopt the juicing lifestyle is the amazing beneficial effect it has on your weight, but this isn't the only benefit - in fact, it is far from it.

Adopting the juicing lifestyle will improve virtually every aspect of your life, you'll have more energy, you'll feel better, if fights depression, it will fight high cholesterol and lots of other things.

The type of food you ingest highly determines how you feel like - you know what they say:

We are what we eat!

Bonus Section: Count Your Caloric Intake

If you want to make sure you know what your caloric intake is and that you're not juicing yourself to a worse place than you originally were, know that there are apps for that.

The app I personally use and recommend is from Underarmor themselves and is called MyFitnessPal.

You can find it in both iOS and Android devices, so check it out if you still don't have a way to count calories.

I use it daily to keep my levels in check.



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