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Jeff's Canned Hamburger Soup

Cygnet Brown graduated magna cum laude from Argosy University. She is an author of fourteen books and a long-time gardener.

Can quarts for family use, and pints or cup size jars for individual portions. My husband takes these on the road when he is driving a truck.

Can quarts for family use, and pints or cup size jars for individual portions. My husband takes these on the road when he is driving a truck.

Imagine that you have had a long, hard day. The kids are hungry and you didn't take anything out of the freezer for dinner tonight. What you do have, however, are jars of Jeff's Canned Hamburger soup in your cupboard that you canned several months ago. Aren't you glad that you made Jeff's Canned Hamburger Soup ahead of time to have on hand when you're needing a quick, hearty, wholesome meal? You just take a few minutes to heat it on the stove to serve with a salad and some wholesome bread. Mmm, it certainly is better than the store bought canned stuff, and you know that it doesn't have the sodium nor the preservatives of the store bought version. Does it get any better than that?

How Much Soup Will This Recipe Make?

This recipe will make a total of 14 quarts and can be divided into quarts or pints or a combination of the two. In our home, we usually can 7 quarts and 7 pints and then finish cooking the rest to eat freshly made for the next several meals.


  • Five Pounds Lean Hamburger
  • 6 cups mixture of garden vegetables, cut into soup size pieces
  • 8 cups beef broth, (2 of the 32 ounce boxes)
  • 6 cups tomato juice, (1 46 ounce can)
  • 3 cups potatoes, (8 large)
  • 6 cups diced or crushed tomatoes, (3 14 ounce cans)
  • 1 1/2 cups diced celery, (7 stalks)
  • 1 1/2 cups chopped onion
  • 2 teaspoon salt, (more or less to taste)
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper

Making the Soup

  1. Wash jars and sterilize equipment including canning caps and rings.
  2. Brown hamburger using the canner as your pot (without the lid). If hamburger is very lean, you will not need to rinse your hamburger, however if there is a lot of grease after cooking it, you will need to drain and rinse it before using to avoid excessively greasy soup.
  3. Once the hamburger is drained and rinsed, add the rest of the ingredients. The vegetables you add can include any garden vegetable you choose. Vegetables can be fresh or frozen or any combination of the two. We often use 2 one pound bags of mixed frozen vegetables in our soup making.
  4. Season to taste
  5. Heat soup mixture until the mixture is boiling.
  6. Put soup into jars, finish cooking any soup not canned, cook until vegetables are tender.
  7. Refrigerate unused portions, eat within the next 3 days.

Canning Instructions

  1. Put soup into jars fill up to 1/8 of an inch from the rim of the jar. Be sure to mix various components of soup into each of the jars so that every jar contains even amount of vegetables, meat, and juice
  2. Carefully clean and dry rims of jars before placing lids on the jars. Any debris on the rims of the jars will prevent jars from sealing.
  3. Place lids onto jars and screw on caps securely
  4. Wash out pressure canner and rinse thoroughly before canning soup
  5. Put metal ring and 2 inches of water in bottom of canner
  6. Place jars into pressure canner as instructed in YOUR pressure canner manual (different size canners will take a different number of jars)
  7. Bring canner up to pressure and then begin to count your time. Pressure can for 60 minutes for pints and 90 minutes for quarts at 10 pounds pressure below 1000 feet above sea level or at 15 pounds pressure above 1000 feet above sea level.
  8. After canning time is done, turn off burner and allow the canner to cool and reduce pressure completely before you attempt to remove jars from the canner. Removing pressure by manipulating the pressure valve can cause jars to lose contents and even break.
  9. Canner contents WILL be extremely hot. Carefully remove canning lid by lifting the back of the canner lid before opening the front of the canner so that steam escapes away from you instead of toward you. Steam burns are very painful.
  10. Remove jars from canner using a canning jar lifter and place on towel on nearby counter. If any possible drafts exist in the room, cover jars with towel as well. Place jars at least one inch apart in every direction. This will create proper ventilation which helps the jars seal properly. Properly sealed lids will pop when sealed and will have no give if you press the top of the lid with your finger. It may take a couple of hours after placing on counter for jars to seal.
  11. Place any unsealed jars into refrigerator and eat within the next couple of days. Do not attempt to reseal. Leave sealed jars on counter for 24 hours before removing screw caps and storing in permanent location.
  12. Permanent location should never be exposed to freezing temperatures to prevent jars from breaking or losing their seal.
  13. The permanent location should also be out of the light in order to preserve nutritional value.
  14. Do not stack jars on top of each other

If You Don't Have A Pressure Canner



If you don't have a pressure canner, you should freeze the soup rather than take chances with water bathing soup. If planning to freeze the soup, finish cooking until vegetables and soft then put into serving sized freezer containers.

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Cygnet Brown (author) from Springfield, Missouri on August 05, 2015:

I am certain that you could replace hamburger with any type of meat including wild game as long as you enjoy that flavor.

walter on August 05, 2015:

Can I replace the hamburger with chicken or turkey

Cygnet Brown (author) from Springfield, Missouri on October 01, 2013:

This is definitely a comfort food that our family enjoys often, especially this time of year!

Dianna Mendez on October 01, 2013:

I have never heard of this recipe before but it sounds quite nice. It would be on the list of comfort food for many of us.

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