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Is It Worth It to Make Your Own Bread?

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I just spent an hour analyzing and deciding whether or not to make my own bread.

I will say right off the bat that yes, you can save a large portion of your bread budget by baking it at home.

But is it worth the cost in effort and time? How long does it take to knead and prepare the dough? How much of your day do you want to devote to kneading?

Say you have a family of four and you go through 2 loaves of bread a week. And if you are making rolls and biscuits etc, you have to take that time into account as well.

I suspect it would take an entire day to make bread for one week. I personally have other things I would rather do than baking and kneading for one-seventh of my waking hours.

I figured out the cost of making bread at the cheapest I could manage. Starting with the 10 pound bag of flour I got for $5.50, estimating electricity cost at .50c ( I got this estimate somewhere else, I could be way off, it is hard to tell.) If I cooked all 8 loaves for the month at one time. and a few cents here and there for yeast (if you buy it by the pound) I came up with about .60c per loaf. This assumes as well that you have a big freezer to store all the extra bread.

I generally pay $2 to $2.50 per loaf of grainy, nutty, tasty bread. If I were to add these extras that make bread taste good, I would be spending a whole lot more on my home made bread.

I am also able to spend less on good bread when I do sales and coupons, and I now plan to check out the Franz outlet to see if I can find even lower prices on bread. If I can regularly get it down to $1.50 or so on average I would be happy.

This is more than twice the cost of home made bread. Is it worth it? I think so, yes. I would only save a few dollars per month, at a savings of $7.20 for 8 loaves of bread.

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That is clearly not worth my hours spent every Sunday in the kitchen doing hard labor. My time is worth much much more than that. I could spend that time walking to the beach with my dog. Or gardening. Or learning something new.

Ok so I just got back from the Franz Bread outlet. I have been planning to go there for a while to see what they had for deals. I had an appointment in town so I decided to stop by Franz afterward.

They had a really good deal with five loaves for five bucks. I haven't tried any of these breads before, so I will reserve judgment for now. I chose Franz Milk and Honey, Seattle International Classic French, Seattle Sourdough, Winco Texas Toast,and Franz Blueberry bagels. So if these breads are good, I know where I will be shopping for bread from now on.

The only thing is I can't take my boyfriend, he picked up two jars of jam for three dollars each because the jars were"cute" shaped like a little beer mug with handles.

Ugg. You can't take men anywhere, not if you want to save money shopping.

I would have bought ten loaves but my chest freezer is at capacity now.

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