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How to Make Easy, Irresistible Chocolate and Kiwi Frosted Devil's Food Cake

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Recipe for How to Make Delicious Devil's Food Cake with Vanilla Frosting and Kiwi fruit topping

How to Make Delicious Devil's Food Cake with Vanilla Frosting and Kiwi Fruit Topping

How to Make Delicious Devil's Food Cake with Vanilla Frosting and Kiwi Fruit Topping

Irresistible Chocolate and Kiwi Cake

Chocolate and kiwi are a great chocolate and fruit pairing.

Chocolate and kiwi are very complimentary. Chocolate and kiwi taste great together. The kiwi is very tart and refreshing. This irresistible cake dessert has vanilla frosting too. It's a fusion of chocolate, vanilla, and kiwi flavors. This scrumptious cake is also very easy to prepare.Celebrate big or small special moments with cake!

Chocolate and fruit pairings can be truly appealing to the palate. Chocolate and strawberries are a very popular chocolate and fruit pairing, but I also love chocolate and kiwi very much. Chocolate and mango is another delicious example of chocolate and fruit pairing.

  • You do not need to bake a chocolate cake from scratch.
  • You can very simply choose your favorite devil’s food boxed mix.
  • I chose the Pillsbury brand devil’s food cake mix for this cake recipe.
  • Prepare the cake according to the directions on the box. Water, oil, and eggs will be needed to mix the batter.

I used smaller circular metal pans because I wanted the cake to be layered. Two circular metal pans with 8-9 inch circumferences will work well. Lining the metal cake pans with foil for easy cleanup is always a good idea.

Additionally, before the cake batter is transferred from a mixing bowl to the metal baking pan, the foil should be coated with a thin spread of oil to prevent the baked cake from sticking to the bottom of the foil lined pan.

When the two single-layer cakes are fully baked and cooled, then one should be frosted with the vanilla frosting and the second should be stacked on top of it. More vanilla frosting should be spread over the two stacked cakes.

Fresh peeled kiwis or a very high quality canned kiwi product can be used as a topping on the frosted cake. (I purchase a very delicious and fresh tasting canned kiwi product through online shopping at I like to keep several cans of these kiwis in my kitchen cupboard. I have purchased several types of canned fruit from including cherries, peaches and the kiwis.)

  • Arrange sliced kiwi on top of the cake. (I noticed that the slices of kiwi slide around a little, so you will want to spend a little time positioning the slices on top for the best presentation.)
  • This completed project will seem elegant, indulgent, delectable, and, indeed, irresistible.
  • Your family and/or invited guests will really enjoy partaking of this irresistible cake.

A cake for many occasions

This is also a tasty cake dessert that you can package neatly in a box and take with you to a church picnic, a neighborhood block party, a potluck dinner with friends, a family reunion party and more.

There are lots of possibilities and this might be a cake recipe that you would like to revisit and reuse for various occasions, not make only one time. This particular cake is that memorable and enjoyable that it can be a go-to cake recipe for many occasions. I was really pleased with the results of this experiment.

Something about a chocolate cake with white vanilla frosting looks very nice when you slice into it. It definitely seems festive and like it is for a special occasion. Small or big moments to celebrate in life bring a lot of joy, and cakes are often a center piece of these occasions and can be very photogenic as well. I took several photos of this prepared cake and have included them in the article.

Boxed cake mixes can be truly convenient and time saving as they bake up easily, according to expectations and the guess work is taken out of measuring ingredients. As long as you follow the very descriptive instructions on the box, everything will go according to plan with the baking process.

Pillsbury is a very good brand of products, and their cake mixes are usually very tasty. If you choose to use this cake recipe idea and prepare this cake with kiwi dessert, your cake will be super delicious as long as you use the freshest possible ingredients.

  • Remember, old oil can become rancid, so use very fresh oil.
  • Check the expiration date on your cake baking mix as well.
  • Additionally, use very fresh, raw eggs in your batter.
  • Three eggs, not two, will be needed for a moist cake.
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Leftovers of this cake with kiwi topping should be kept refrigerated and loosely covered with foil or saran wrap.

In summary, the following ingredients are sufficient for this cake with kiwi recipe:

  • Pillsbury (or other brand) devil’s food cake mix
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Eggs
  • Store bought vanilla frosting, the brand that you prefer
  • Fresh peeled and sliced kiwis or canned sliced kiwis

Enjoy your irresistible chocolate and kiwi cake!

What flavor for frosting do you prefer?

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Have you ever eaten a cake dessert that had kiwi fruit in it and/or on it?

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Nyesha Pagnou MPH (author) from USA on October 25, 2017:

Hi Peachy, thanks so much for your comment on this hub about chocolate & kiwi cake. I personally used only the cake mix for this cake recipe idea but you can surely use the same idea to bake a chocolate cake from scratch if that's what you prefer. You would need flour, cocoa powder and sugar among ingredients. I have also used butter in some of the cakes that I baked from scratch so I am sure that can be a possibility for you.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on October 18, 2017:

Can I replace the oil with butter? Sure that I can use the cake mix, nothing else?

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