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Instant Pot Pumpkin Soup

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With 50 years around the sun, Kimberly enjoys sharing a variety of her personal life experiences with others.

It's Soup Season


Who doesn't enjoy the cozy comforts that a homemade bowl of creamy soup brings to the table once the seasons change to brilliant colors of orange, yellow, and gold?

I'll share a generalized recipe I tossed together one autumn afternoon, creating delicious creamy pumpkin soup. If you need a specific formula to follow, then this may not be for you.

I like to use wholesome natural ingredients to make tasty seasonal meals; however, my cooking is done by random measurements and tossing a little of this and little of that into a pot and seasoning to taste.

Perfect Autumn Soup Recipe


Good soup is one of the prime ingredients of good living.

— Loius P. De Gouy

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch at My Farm Friends Nursery

Twas the season to visit my local pumpkin patch for some fresh pumpkins. Since childhood, I have enjoyed making roasted pumpkin seeds during the Autumn Pumpkin Harvest.

During my ten years of living off-grid, I enjoyed fire-roasted pumpkin seeds cooked to perfection over my homestead firepit. This year, since moving back on-grid, I acquired a few electrical appliances; the Air Fryer is one of them; that roasted my pumpkin seeds to a superbly delicious golden brown in a fraction of the time and effort it used to take over the open flame.


Fire Roasted Versus Ninja Air Fryer


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Wholesome Natural Ingredients


Worries go down better with soup

— Jewish Proverb

Prepping My Ingredients

I cut away the thick outer skin from my leftover pumpkins, leaving the inner orange flesh and cubed into small chunks. I wasn't worried about measurements; I just tossed in what I had. Next, I washed and peeled a few carrots before cutting them into similar-sized chunks as the pumpkin pieces. I proceeded by adding celery, onion, and several cloves of crushed garlic to my one-pot meal. I added about 3 cups of vegetable broth and a cup of water to the ingredients before cooking for mere minutes.

Instant Pot Soup


Instant Pot Cook Time

Once all my desired ingredients were in the pot, I placed my lid on correctly and pressure cooked for 5-8 minutes. Mine was quite full, so pressure cooked for 8 minutes. I used the quick release on the instant pot after cooking.

Once my ingredients were pressure-cooked, I allowed the mixture to cool down a little before transferring the soup to my blender. I added a can of full-fat coconut milk to my soup to give it a more creamy smooth finish. One could also use an immersion blender or stick blender for a chunkier texture. It's all about personal preference at this point.

Season to Taste

I blended my ingredients to my desired consistency; I seasoned my creamy pumpkin soup to taste with herbs, peppercorn, and a Pink Himalayan Garlic and Onion Salt blend.

The longest part of this soup-making process was prepping my pumpkin pieces, but in the end, it was well worth it. If you are in the mood for pumpkin soup and don't have fresh pumpkins or the time to commit to fleshing out the fresh ones, you could use canned pumpkin puree and still enjoy the same delicious satisfaction of homecooked soup.

Serving up Creamy Pumpkin Soup


It's Soup Season

This hearty homemade soup was prepared with ease and was surprisingly filling. It was just what I needed to relish in some old-fashioned comfort food while ushering in the Autumn season.

I hope you will enjoy gathering in the harvest of veggies from your garden, local outdoor markets, or buying fresh from your local produce market to experience this pleasurable one-pot soup recommendation.

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