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Humans And Meat Eating


We Are Meant to Be Vegetarians

All humans started their lives eating the products of the earth, like most other animals including the apes from whom we are said to have descended. So our diets consisted of vegetables, fruits and grains that grew in the wild in forests. Even our teeth are designed for this diet, unlike those you find in carnivorous animals whose teeth are meant to tear, and not to chew as ours are meant to.


Our Diets and the Addition of Meat

Vegetarian eating is a natural way of eating, and is healthier. It is no wonder that more and more people are turning to vegetables as a major part of their diet, both for its health and other environmental concerns. Meat eating requires a constant supply of animals, like cows, sheep and poultry, besides fish, and is one that makes great demands on water, land, and other resources to maintain the vast herds that the human meat eaters need to satisfy their appetites.

Even the digestive systems that we have are not meant for meat. The eating of meat can thus be said to be a recent development in human history, that may have been more from necessity and opportunity. Humans in, all probabibility, had observed carnivores eating meat and when they ran out of natural food, like berries, nuts, and grans, probably experimented with eating meat, though eating it raw must have made it difficult, both to eat and to digest. Maybe they found that meat of animals trapped in forest fires was both edible and digestible. Or when they discovered fire, found it easier to eat meat, as well as their own vegetarian diet. It is more than likely that humans started eating meat, only after they discovered fire.

A vegetarian diet required humans to constantly forage for food. Hunting on the other hand, required proper planning, getting the necessary weapons together, and finding ways to track and kill the live animals. Eating meat requires proper preparation and the use of fire to make it edible.

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