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How to make a Spongebob squarepants cake. A firm favourite for any kid - big or small.


What do you need?

  • Icing - lots of
  • Food colourings to colour this icing (Yellow, blue, red)
  • Black icing bought from the shop
  • Red icing pen bought from a shop
  • Rolling pin
  • Sharp knife
  • Circle cutters
  • Paint brush

Spongebob cake

What is this hub about?

Lets face it, cakes in supermarkets have come a long way in the way they look. Kids love the designs of these fabulous creations. They can buy personalised cakes too but you can buy mass produced cakes too, ranging from Hello Kitty, Yoda and even Spongebob. These are great value too at around £10.

The massive draw back to these great looking cakes though, is the fact that they do not taste anywhere near as good as a home baked cake. Mass produced items tend to taste cheap, taste like cardboard or leave a nasty after taste in your mouth. Non of this is the case with the real thing, a good old fashion cake baked at home - what can be better?

So how do you combine the taste with the look? In this hub I hope to show you how easy it really can be. Take a look...


1. Decorating a rectangular cake:

This is by far the easiest option for making this cake. To do this you should:

  • Bake a rectangular cake or square cake depending on how big you want it. This needs to cool off before you work on it.
  • Once baked and cooled you should cut the top of it so you have a flat surface to work with.
  • You should also cut the sides to the desired shape.
  • Using the white icing, place a strip along the bottom half of the cake where you want the shirt to be.
  • Then using the yellow icing, that you have coloured yourself while the cake was cooling, you should place it over the top of the cake. Make sure this is smooth and covers the top three quarters of your cake. It should go over the top of the white icing for now.
  • You can then cut the bottom of this icing, where the 'pants' go. This can be cut as a wavy line as shown on the cake above or you could simple cut it straight against the edge of the white shirt. If you actually cut a wavy line I found this to be easier. That way you don't have to get the straight line really accurate because the yellow icing just sits on top of the white icing at these points.
  • You can then put the brown icing on the bottom. Again place this over the top of the white icing to begin with and then cut it to shape.
  • Next I places white icing circles on top of the yellow icing for eyes. Then some blue icing on top of this.
  • I then added a nose of icing below the eyes.
  • The eyes brows are black icing, that is shop bought because I have found it really hard to make black icing from colouring white icing, and cut into rectangles.

Note: each part of icing was 'glued' onto the cake/icing below by warming up some jam and using a brushing it on the bottom.

  • Next I added the detail to the icing. This was done with shop bought icing tubes. This is actually quite easy. Just use it like a pencil and draw it on. I would recommend having some tissue handy because if you have made any mistakes then, with a little water, you could then just wipe it away.
  • I then pressed into the icing with my fingers or thumb to create Spongebob's holes. I needed to darken these up a touch to make them look like holes so I just got a bit of food colouring and painted them in.
  • The last part of his body was the red tie and black belt at the bottom. Again gluing these on with hot jam.
  • Making four yellow sausages I used two for the arms. I placed them down and using a knife I just carved his four fingers. I then wraped a little white icing around the top of his arm and attached the lot to the 'shirt' with hot jam again.
  • The legs were done very similar to this but with brown icing to make the bottom of his trousers and his shoes. If you make the bottom of his trousers actually touch the board while you are gluing then it makes them more stable.

Note: If you notice any cracks on your icing, because you have worked it too hard or it has dried to much the best way to repair this is to add a little water to the crack and rub lightly on the icing. The icing will dissolve into the water and move into the crack and thus seal it up when it dries again.


2. A sitting up Spongebob

This is a lot harder than the first cake but as you can see the results are spectacular. What kid, big or small, wouldn't love to have this on their birthday?

I have to admit, my skills at decorating cakes is nowhere near as good as the picture shown. I have had a go and mine did look really good and I was surprised at how easy it was. Not saying that it was easy but I do think you get out what you put in.

So where did I start?

  • Bake three rectangular cakes.
  • Cut the tops off each cake so you have a flat surface to work with.
  • Once baked and cooled, cut in half and stick back together with buttercream.
  • When ready, cut the cakes to the shape you desire.
  • The next thing to do is to ice the bottom of the cake using the brown icing. Cut the icing into a strip and glue it onto the base of the cake.
  • On top of this you should cut a strip of white icing and then glue this around the cake.
  • To make sure the two layers of icing stuck together I then rubbed a little water all around the joint.
  • The hardest job here is then to ice the rest of the cake in yellow icing. I did this in five sections. One for each side of Spongebob and then one for the top.

You will notice that you have a lot of joints then. This is easily solved and actually adds to the effect.

  • First rub water over each joint until they dissappear. This will soften the edges and create a more rounded finish.
  • Next pinch a few of the sides together to create a ruffled look. Don't worry if they look a little rough at the moment, and make sure it is not at regular intervals because it won't look as good.
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Next to add some detail:

  • First I added the black belt on his trousers using shop bought icing. Gluing it down with hot jam again.
  • Once this was added I then worked my way up. Adding the red tie and colar on his shirt. Glue each icing strip down.
  • I cut out a red piece of icing for the mouth. This needs a lot of glue as it is a large strip and you might have to hold it in place for some time before it takes hold.
  • Next I saw from the picture that his lip is sticking out a little. To create this I cut out two white rectangles for his teeth. I then cut into the yellow icing and pushed the white icing up into it.
  • The pink 'tongue' was then added.
  • The cheeks were interesting. I created the a circle shape with yellow icing. I then pushed up using my thumb to create the shape shown. This was then glued to Spongebob.
  • Once this was secure enough I then rubbed some water all around them. This added to how well they stuck to the cake plus it looked more professional.
  • I then pocked three holes into the cheeks using the end of a fork.
  • The last part of the cheeks was to 'paint' on some orange food colouring to shade in his rosy red cheeks.

  • To achieve the long nose sticking out from his face, I made a sausage of yellow icing. In this sausage I poked a cocktail stick. This was then used to poke into the cake as to hold it in place.
  • Doing this, I had a good idea where to put the eyes.
  • This was simply white circle icing that was glued on. Then blue circle icing on top of that which was glued on and finally the black circle icing glued on top of that.
  • The eyebrows were simply black rectangles which were glues onto the yellow icing above the eyes.
  • The next bit of detail I added to the body was to push into the yellow icing with my thumb or fingers to create some more holes.

  • The hands and arms were created using cocktail sticks. I stuck three of them to of more for the arm. Over the top of this I used yellow icing to cover them. The cocktail stick was then used to stick into the cake to hold it in place.
  • Once in place I rolled a little white icing around the base of the arm to create the sleeve of his shirt.
  • The legs were a lot simplier than that. Yellow sausages were created and placed on the board. On top of this I rolled on the brown icing for the tops of his trousers and some white icing for his socks.
  • The blue and red stripe was drawn on by icing tubes.
  • The shoes were simply black icing moulded into the shape you need. This was all glued together.


How do you colour ready made icing instead of buying it?

Buying ready made icing sounds like the easier option. You don't have to do any work just roll and cover the cake - easy yes? It is actually but what you might find is that you buy lots of little packets which will end up costing a fortune for you. You will probably end up with lots of colours in these packets that you don't want or can't use too. You are going to need a lot of yellow for this cake so you will have to buy a lot of packets.

A much better and cheaper way to get coloured icing is to do it yourself. And it is a lot easier to do than it sounds.

How easy is it really?

  • Very is the answer to that. First you take the required amount of white icing and knead into a ball - this will soften the icing so it is easier to work with. You do have to work quickly though as the more you work it the dryer the icing will get.
  • The next step is to make a small hole in the ball by pressing a finger into the top.
  • Into this hole you should add a few drops of the colouring you need.
  • Then knead the ball again until the colour is consistent throughout.
  • You should repeat adding a few drops and kneading until you have the correct colour of your icing. The darker you need the colour the longer this process will take.

Note: If you add too much colouring then you will soften it too much so it will become too sticky to work with. Adding a few drops at a time will combat that. Better to take your time than to mess it up.

I suggest that you wait to make the icing while the cake is cooking in the oven. That way the icing will still be fresh by the time the cake cools and will not dry out and become to hard to work with. If it dries too much then the icing will crack while you are working with it. A way to help this if it happens though is to add a little water and then massage it into the crack to cover it up.


Max on February 15, 2015:

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