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How to make a Simpsons cake. A Homer Simpson eating a donut birthday cake. Celebration cake for children and adults.

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    Jeff Babad's Simpson page, containing pictures, sounds, and links about the simpsons

In this hub I will include a full set of instructions to help you make a show piece cake that will show off all your catering skills and impress anyone who is there.

Most important you will see the face of your little one light up with delight when they see how amazing this cake looks.

It really is a lot simplier than it looks.

So take a look, have a go and surprise everyone with how good you are in the kitchen:

A cool present for one of your bigger kids!!!

Take a look at how cool this cake looks ...

Homer eating a donut - classic

Homer eating a donut - classic

A great idea of Homer eating a donut

I got this idea off the website linked above. Take a look as it has a lot more ideas on there too.

This is actually a surprisingly easy cake to make. The hardest part is to mould icing in the shape of Homer's head and arms. If you can work with plasticine then you can work with icing though.

So what did I do first?

The first thing to do is to get prepare your cake and icing.

  1. The first thing you should do here is to bake a cake for the base so you can work on it. This should be a round cake (so you don't have to cut too much off to create the donut shape, the size of it depends on how many you plan to feed with it.)
  2. Once this is baking you should colour your icing. If you are unsure of how to do this then please take a look at the bottom of this hub to find some tips and hints of how you can achieve a good deep colour. While the cake is baking gives you enough time to colour pink, yellow and brown icing. The small amount of black that you need I would recommend that you bought some shop based product. The reason being is that I found it very hard to get a deep black colour when you try to colour white icing.

Once the cake is cool then you should prepare the cake to be decorated:

  1. Place the cake on a board to stop crumbs getting everywhere.
  2. The cake should then be cut down to create a donut shape. Using a sharp knife you cut small slices off it to get the rounded shape of the sides.
  3. In the middle of the cake it would be a good idea to make an indentation. This is where the icing Homer will sit. Try not to make this too deep as you need it for Homer to sit in it and don't want any details of the model, icing Homer to be hid below the icing of the donut.

Now you have a ready to decorate cake you need to:

  1. Using a light brown icing you ice the cake all the way around.
  2. First roll the brown icing into a thin circle which will easily cover the whole shape of the cake.
  3. Then using a rolling pin, pick it up and place over the cake.
  4. I would recommend that you have too much icing that when placed over the cake will flow over the bottom of the cake. This can then be trimmed down and pushed under the cake to make it look smooth.
  5. You also need to push the centre of the icing down into the whole you created for the centre of the donut.
  6. Please take a look at the video at the bottom for help on this if you are not sure how to do it.
  7. To make the texture on the donut, so it doesn't look like an icing covered cake, you can then press into the icing randomly using the point of a fork. This will leave indentations on the brown icing which looks a little more realistic than a smooth coating.
Great ideas for cakes

Great ideas for cakes

Now you have a brown donut shape cake you should:

  1. Next you will need the pink icing. Roll this into a relatively thin flat circle. This should be a little smaller than the circle you used for the brown icing you have just done.
  2. Then sprinkle hundreds and thousands on top of it.
  3. After that you should roll it into a thinner shape still. (This will push the hundreds and thousands into the icing so when you cover the cake with it they will stop in position.)
  4. Coat the top of the cake, over the brown icing, with heated up jam. This will act as a glue for the pink icing and keep it in place. (Alternatives to heated up glue are egg whites or shop bought food glue.)
  5. Once this is done you can place the pink icing over the cake. This is easily done by picking it up using a rolling pin and then placing it over the top, letting the icing slip off the rolling pin. Again please look to the video below to help if you are not sure.
  6. The last thing for you to do, where the pink icing is concerned, is to trim it down. Trim it down into curved random lines so it looks like some of it is dripping down the donut. A sharp knife is great for this but don't cut too deeply as you will go into the brown icing.
  7. (If there are parts of the pink icing that are not stuck down, just pick them back a little and coat a little heated jam on the back before placing down again against the brown icing.)

Your donut is now complete so all you have to do is to create Homer:

I started off with the head here.

  1. I made a yellow cylinder to begin with. This should have the same diameter as the whole you created in the centre of your donut.
  2. This can be glued into place in the middle of your donut.
  3. To this I make two small spheres. I then placed them on the board and pushed them down a little to make a 'flat back' to the sphere. This is needed so you can glue it to the cylinder of his head. These need to go halfway up the cylinder.
  4. To this I added the eye lids at the top. This was created by rolling some small, thin sausages of yellow icing. They were then glued to the top of the white eyes.
  5. Then I created the teeth - roll out a sausage, around 5mm or 1/4 inch. Then this sausage needs to be squashed into a cuboid shape by flattening the sides. This can then be but into cube shapes for the teeth. They are then glued into place on top of the pink icing, in front of the cylinder of the head and below the eyes.
  6. I then took some brown icing, adding an extra drop of brown food colour to darken it up a little so it was not the same colour as the donut, and moulded it into the shape of his mouth/beard. This needs to cover around half of the diameter of the cylinder you created. It can be placed over the top of the teeth, up against the yellow cylinder and glued into position.
  7. On top of this you need a sphere of yellow. This can be glued between the eyes and to the top of his mouth,beard.
  8. I also created two more spheres of yellow. Using these I took the end of a knife and pressed into them, one at a time. Squash it down to about half way and then take out the knife. This creates a nice effect for his ears. If you are not happy with this though, you can mould them a little more using the knife, like I had to.
  9. These need to be glued to the side of his head. Because it is the side you will have to hold them there for a good time. Alternatively you can cut down a cocktail stick and stick it in the side of the ear and use this to stick them to the side of his head. (Please make sure people do not eat Homer if you do this though as it will cause injury.)
  10. I then experimented a little with his hair. The sides were easy, tiny black icing sausages which were glued on. The top was harder though as the picture showed it sticking up and looping over. I found that there was not enough to glue it down properly so I ended up just sticking the whole sausage to the top without it sticking up.

Homer is looking like Homer now without any arms!

  1. Once I did the hard part of making his head, I concentrated on the arms. First I used white icing to create his sleeves. I made this from one block of icing that I moulded to the shape what I wanted. Once I was happy I glued it down.
  2. I then moulded two arms using the yellow sausages. This was basically two sausages.
  3. To create the hands I squashed the end of a sausage a little bit, so it was around half the diameter of the original sausage.
  4. I then used a sharp knife to sculpture the hands. This is a little tricky so I would suggest you practice doing this if you haven't done it before. Using play-do or something is a great way to practice your skills in sculpting icing.
  5. The arms were then glued down to the side of the pink icing and to the sleeves of Homer's T-shirt.
  6. The last thing I did was to cover the gap up to where the arm meets the T-shirt. To do this I rolled out two very thin, white sausages of icing. I then placed these over the gap and glued them down. This does create a nice touch to the end of his T-shirt too.

How to cover a cake with Fondant Icing

And this is how your kids will react when you bring out this amazing cake, whether they are big or small

Colouring you icing.

Colouring you icing.

How do I colour my own icing?

Buying ready made icing is a lot easier for us novices. However, this can be very wasteful at the same time. You either have too much and have to throw it away once it hardens or you have to buy a lot of the pricey product to make a brilliant cake.

Here I will show you how easy it is to colour a standard white icing to make it cheaper for you. Plus it is so easy anyone can do it.

So how do we do it?

  1. First take as much white icing as you require for the colour you are going to be using. Knead this into a ball, plus it softens it up to make it easier to work with.)
  2. Next you need to make a small hole in the top of this ball by pressing your finger into it.
  3. Into this hole you need to add a few drops of the colouring you require.
  4. Then you knead the icing until all the food colouring has been absorbed into it and you have a consistent colour to your icing.
  5. These steps need to be repeated until you have the depth of colour you are after. The darker you want the colour the more times you need to repeat the steps.

Please note that if you add too much food colouring to your icing in any one step then this will result in your icing becoming too soft and sticky to work with effectively. Better to take your time than to waste icing by rushing.

Colouring your icing is a great activity to get on with while the cake is cooking. Very relaxing, and if you are frustrated with anything a few throwing actions or punched to the icing is great therapy.

And if you are not that adventurous how about just creating Homer Simpson characters to stick on your cake ...

Get all these instructions from this website or just follow these pictures to create them.

Get all these instructions from this website or just follow these pictures to create them.

Get all these instructions from this website or just follow these pictures to create them.

Get all these instructions from this website or just follow these pictures to create them.

Get all these instructions from this website or just follow these pictures to create them.

Get all these instructions from this website or just follow these pictures to create them.

Get all these instructions from this website or just follow these pictures to create them.

Get all these instructions from this website or just follow these pictures to create them.

Get all these instructions from this website or just follow these pictures to create them.

Get all these instructions from this website or just follow these pictures to create them.

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